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Sudden temperature changes, heavy rain, snow, and even too much heat can damage your vehicle’s windshield replacement Tulsa. Cold and hot weather play a major role in defining the condition of your vehicle’s windshield. 

The temperature changes can crack or even break a vehicle’s windshield. The reason is the glass contracts and expands with the transition in temperature. The hot air heats the windshield, and the glass expands or, in some cases, gets cracked or completely broken. At the same time, the low temperature compresses the glass. Furthermore, the glass, when suddenly is exposed to heat, can break down. Furthermore, defrosting the vehicle’s glass by pouring hot or boiling water on them is highly discouraged as it can crack the windshield and windows. 

Importance of a clean windshield:

A clean and crack-free windshield lets the driver see out clearly. Moreover, visibility is almost zero in bad weather conditions, and a clean windscreen makes driving easy. 

Cracks caused by changes in temperature are common. Thus, the weather conditions result in extraordinary contraction and expansion of the glass. Of course, weather cannot be controlled. Following is discussed how the temperature changes affect the vehicle’s windshield and give tips for how to protect the windshield from getting cracked or broken. 

Consequences of a cracked windshield:

Even a minute chip or a crack on a windshield, if ignored, can turn big and could be dangerous when exposed to temperature transitions. If a cracked windscreen is not addressed(repaired) immediately, the whole windshield might be replaced after some time. The windshield or window replacement is more costly. 

However, if not repaired immediately, the entire windshield may need to be replaced, which can be costly.

The effects of Hot Weather:

Hot weather is not good for the car’s windshield. Thus, summers are the time of the year when most people go out for vacations., but this season is also not a friend for your car. 

Too much exposure to heat can increase the chances of cracks and chips on the windshield. Thus, the intense heat will spread these cracks and, if not repaired quickly enough, can lead to windshield replacement. 


  • Park your vehicle in a parking slot. If there is no parking area nearby, try to park in the shade as often as possible to protect your windshield from direct sunlight.
  • You can buy windshield sunshades and window sunshades from the market. The sunshades protect the glass from excess heat. 
  • If your car is somehow parked outside in a hot climate, do not switch ON the AC immediately when you sit in the car. Instantly cooling the inside of your vehicle is not good in the condition of the auto glass. Thus, we suggest cooling down your car first, doing it slowly, putting and then switching ON the air conditioner. Always start from low to high mode. 
  • When the car is hot, and you switch ON the AC. Always position the AC  vents downward, away from the windshield. You can also opt for the floor settings. This prevents the windshield from getting cracked. The sudden cold air on the hot glass makes the glass contract and expand. Rapidly cooling results in cracks. 
  • In summers, the roads are loaded with vehicles. More vehicles mean more debris and pollution. The more a car is driven on the road, the higher the chances of a chipped or a cracked windshield due to debris hitting the glass. It spread quickly with the fluctuations in temperatures. 
  • In hot weather, make sure that you wash the car regularly so that the windscreen is cleaned regularly and to keep track of even a minute crack. 

The Effects of Cold Weather:

 In cold weather, the crack in the windshield is caused by heavy rainfall, snow, ice, and hail. The freezing temperatures are too much dangerous for the glass of the vehicle.  

Moroever, when the temperature drops, the metal around the windshield can shrink, stressing the windshield and causing further crack propagation. This means that the vehicle owner shall be extraordinarily careful about the car’s windshield. 


  • Thus, if the temperature drops and the windshield freezes,  warm up the car and glass slowly to avoid cracks. 
  • Do not pour hot or boiling water on the glass window. The glass may break. 
  • Furthermore, do not blow the defroster into the windshield, as this may cause the glass to crack or cause cracks to grow.
  • If the windshield is covered in ice, never use a knife or a shovel. This can further damage the condition of the windshield. Always use proper tools for removing ice. We advise you to keep one in a car. 
  • Besides, check the functioning of the car’s wiper blades. The wiper blades are used to brush away the snow and ice. There is special kind of wipers introduced in the market. These wipers are specifically designed for winters to give maximum performance. 
  • Do not take a chance to drive with a cracked or chipped windscreen. Moreover, extreme cold or snow can change the chips into cracks and make cracks become bigger cracks. Address a chipped or a cracked window immediately. 

What to do with a chipped or cracked windscreen?

Thus, it is suggested that a vehicle owner shall frequently the windshield for any cracks or chips. There is no specific weather for it- either it is winters or summers, the windscreens hall be regularly examined. Moreover, maintenance and upkeep are highly advised. 

Windshield Replacement Tulsa:

However, even if a minute crack is noticed, they should call immediately call Windshield Replacement Tulsa to get it repaired as soon as possible. Windshield Replacement Tulsa provides 24/7 and quick auto glass repairing and replacement services. It is a team of skilled technicians who are just a call away. 

Our thoughts

Both extreme summers and extreme winters play a role in defining the condition of your car’s windscreen. However, the fluctuations in the temperature make the glass contract and expand, which results in cracks and complete damage. 

Furthermore, if a crack is noticed, it shall be addressed without any delay. The experienced technicians of the Windshield Replacement Tulsa are just a call away.