Windshield Replacement Tulsa OK

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Tulsa Windsheild Replacement

Is your windshield cracked? No worries — Glass Works Auto Glass can replace it! Windshield replacement is our specialty.

Serving the Tulsa Area since 1991, Our experience and training ensure your car windshield replacement is done right the first time. Our skilled technicians perform WINDSHIELD REPLACEMENTS on all makes and models providing fast, safe, and affordable service. Our competitive pricing and highest quality of auto glass installation is what makes Glass Works the BEST AUTO GLASS value in Tulsa, OK.

Glass Works Performs Excellent Windshield Replacement

  • Windshield replacement will be performed with the highest standard in the auto glass industry.
  • Our skilled certified technician will replace your car windshield.
  • High quality glass!
  • Highest quality materials – Our adhesives and primers of the highest quality resulting in a perfect seal between your windshield and your vehicle.
  • Free mobile service to your home or work in Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas—on-time and hassle free.
  • Same day service
  • Lifetime warranty against leaks in the glass or molding and glass defects.
  • We will vacuum up the broken auto glass in your vehicle.
  • Hassle free assistance with your insurance claim, we work with all insurance providers.
  • Our workmanship 100% guaranteed.

Glass Works Hassle Free Tulsa Windshield Replacement Process

  1. Call 918-610-9967 for your free quote and schedule your appointment.
  2. Our technician will explain the windshield replacement process with you.
  3. They will remove the damaged windshield from your car.
  4. The technician will carefully perform every step to install the new windshield into your car, Using the most advanced adhesives, primers, and a new molding if needed.
  5. The technician will clean any broken glass, as well as the new windshield.
  6. The technician will give you special instructions on the care of your new auto glass and the one-hour-drive-away-time adhesive, which allows you to drive away quickly and safely..

Stop! Don’t drive your car any longer with an unsafe cracked or broken windshield. Don’t DELAY, get your windshield replaced TODAY! Just Call 918-610-9967 for our hassle free windshield replacement service!

Windshield Replacement Aftercare Instructions

  • Safe drive away time 1 hour.
  • Remove tape after 6 hours.
  • No slamming doors for 24 hours.
  • No car wash for 24 hours.

*** Please note: Glass Works Auto Glass is NOT responsible for the rain sensor, forward collision alert, lane departure warning system calibration, etc. functionality. While there are rarely any issues, some auto manufacturers require re-calibration at the dealership at customers expense.