There are many ways an auto glass Tulsa to crack, though some may come as a shock. When the glass is cooled it appears solid, which you touch it. But its molecular structure is almost like ice rather than a sheet of steel. Windshield repairs can be a trouble, especially if you put off fixing the damage. A windshield crack can get larger and impossible to repair over time, so it is best to seek repairs as soon as the damage takes place. Avoiding road conditions that can result in windshield damage is the safest and most suitable option.

Why consult with Auto glass Tulsa experts?

If the windshield integrity is compromised, it is very important to consult auto glass Tulsa experts without any delay. Based on the severity of the damage, the technician will suggest you get it repaired or replaced. But, you may wonder why it is essential for you to recognize the types of windshield cracks. Windshields incur a number of cracks and chips because of many reasons. Understanding about the cracked windshields types allows you measure the amount of damage a windshield repair Tulsa professional is dealing with.  It will allow you to make a well-versed decision and act quickly as some cracks are more critical than others. Before knowing the common causes of windshield cracks, it is important to know about the cracked windshield types.

Cracked Windshield Types

  • Floater Crack

This special crack is named so as it always happens away from the windshield edge. A floater crack can be spotted in the middle of the windshield or a minimum two inches away from the windshield’s edge. This damage kind extends across several cracked windshields, and hence, they usually have varying lengths. Floater cracks usually spread very fast; thus, they need instant attention.  A professional will determine the crack’s width and depth prior to prescribing a repair or a replacement. Moreover, if a tiny floater crack is not in the driver’s line of vision, a skilled technician can effectively tend to it.

  • Stress Crack

If you have come across a cracked windshield without experiencing any known smash up then it is known as a stress crack. The reason can be extreme and sudden fluctuations in pressure or temperature. Glass windshields tend to enlarge under hot weather conditions and contract in cold weather. If the windshield is at the same time subjected to both, the resultant is a cracked windshield. For example, stress crack takes place when the car is overheated but with the air-conditioning on blast. Other reasons that contribute to stress cracks comprise the age of the windshield glass. Old windshields are more vulnerable to these kinds of cracks, and replacement is the advised therapy in such instances.

  • Crack Chips

When pebbles or small rocks strike car windshield, the kind of damage sustained by the windshield is called a crack chip. This damage is typically relatively minute and can be completely repaired by an expert. In addition, chips are further classified into several types, and determining the type is essential to take the suitable repairing route.

  • Edge Crack

You can find an edge crack in two inches of the windshield edge and typically extending and touching the edge. In fact, an edge crack is the modern of a floater crack. The length of these cracks differs between 10 to 12 inches in length. A broken windshield with an edge crack needs to be repaired, and a novel windshield has to be set up by expert technicians. It is not possible to fix an edge crack as it includes the windshield’s original seal. The possibilities of the windshield glass intensify, exposing you to the danger of further mishaps.

Due to the miniature size of this damage, a majority of car owners frequently ignore it. Such cracked windshields are very vulnerable to developing more chips which can spread across the entire windshield over time. Thus, what can be corrected with a simple repair process and may require replacement later by windshield replacement Tulsa.

Windshield Crack Causes:

Coarse roads

Driving on coarse paths leads to your wheels to grind on pebbles. Frictional forces between the two surfaces cause the stone to bounce off and probably hit your windshield. What starts as a chip ultimately turns into a crack. Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you if you have to travel on such roads.

Existing defects

A few defects, either in the installation or manufacturing process, can make the glass sensitive to damage. Such faults can become a safety hazard staring you in the face. If a crack occurs, opt for a quality glass replacement service by auto glass repair Tulsa experts.

Direct sunrays

When direct sunlight hits your windshield, the molecular links in your glass discharge and the surface enlarges. Gradually, this can result in cracking while enabling heat to pass through, signing you up for an unanticipated sauna. Cracks especially begin in the outer edges of the windshield as the centre is the thickest part. Park your car in a garage or cover it with a shield when in extreme temperatures.


In places that experience intense weather, the winter season can at times bring hailstorms. The stones that fall during such storms are much like someone intentionally throwing stones at your windshield. As a result, it has a higher chance of breaking.  Stop your vehicle in a safe place and wait for the storm to settle. In case of minor cracks, contact Auto glass repair Tulsa technicians as can fix them in approximately 30 minutes, and the cost is quite low.


When you park on the roadside, daily activities become menacing affairs. A ball, shuttle, or can come hurtling towards your car. Not only does it risk harm to your windshield, but also your vehicle. Contact auto glass Tulsa today.

Aged windshield

Glasses have a lifetime and die after serving their purpose. If they have withstood years of hardships, they will be weak and susceptible to the slightest hit. With time, such windshields tend to become brittle and thinner. Hence, if you are driving around with an old vehicle, think about replacing the windshield by contacting auto glass Tulsa experts.

Look for the Auto Glass Tulsa

In Tulsa, OK, if you are searching for a repair shop for Car window repair Tulsa OK, select a specialized service provider. With several car repair shops out there, it can become difficult to choose the right shop. Once you conclude on the one, make sure to carry out some due diligence and ensure that the standards are followed. Keep in mind, an auto repair shop with expertise in windshield replacement and repair can offer top-quality windshields, proper bonding agents, mobile power window repair, car power window repair, and power window repair. Also, they help you choose the best solution for fixing the damaged windshield and getting you back on the road quickly.