Your car’s windshield is not just a piece of glass; it is an essential part of your vehicle. You are surely compromising your safety if the windshield is left untreated for any chips and cracks. If you notice any damage to your windshield, the primary thing you do is contact an auto glass repair Tulsa service provider.

What is the cost of repairing vs. replacing the windshield?

One must know your windshield condition and its solution as to whether it can be replaced or repaired. The cost of repairing is always less than the cost of its replacement. Generally, the cost of replacing the windshield is around $100 to $400. The cost depends on the service professionals and the quality of the glass replaced. The replacement of the windshield cost for luxury vehicles is higher and reaches to around $1500.

If you get your windshield repair, then its repair costs come around $40 to $60. The cost varies depending on the damage that occurred on your windshield. The chips and cracks that are small in size can be repaired at a lesser cost than deep and big in size.

How to check whether the windshield is repaired or replaced?

This is a widespread customer query about whether to repair the windshield or whether its replacement will settle the damage. The confusion between both can only be sorted if you take your car to the windshield repair specialist in your area. The damage is sometimes not so impactful, but it is widespread that the repair is absolutely impossible. So, only a windshield repair professional can tell you exactly what can be done after inspecting the windshield’s condition. Multiple signs can help you in knowing whether your windshield can be repaired or needs replacement.

Look for the below signs for repairing your windshield.

1. In case of any impact or collision, the repair will not affect your car’s safety and the driver.
2. The crack is smaller and is less than 1 inch.
3. If you find that only the outer layer of the glass is damaged.
4. The chip or crack formed is not close to the outer margin of the glass.

What are the benefits if you go for a windshield repair?
Cost savings:

Repairs are always less expensive than the replacements. If your windshield can be fixed only by conducting an effective repair, you are lucky as you have saved a huge expense by not replacing the windshield glass.

Environment friendly:

The repairing of your windshield has not only saved your hard-earned money and is also environment friendly. In the manufacturing of a windshield, a large number of materials are manufactured. Repairing the windshield saves a large production process of different materials.


The original windshield intact in your car is much better than any other windshield. The original windshield is the car’s company’s product and is much safer than adding any other new windshield glass to your car.


By going with the repair part of your windshield with the help of an auto glass repair, Tulsa ensures the quality of the windshield’s glass, which may differ when applying a new windshield glass by removing the original.

Look for the below signs for the replacement of your windshield.
  1. If the damage caused to the windshield impacts the driver’s visibility, then it needs a replacement.
  2.  If the crack is longer than 1 in”.
  3. The inner layer of the glass is partially or completely broken.
  4. The damage reaches the edge of the windshield.
Why is it good to go for the windshield replacement?
Visual clarity:

To opt for your windshield replacement is a good option, though, to clarify the driver’s visibility, which sometimes not possible if you go for auto repair. The brand new auto glass gives glorifying visibility and makes your car look as new as before. A clear view resists the possibility of accidents on the road.

Sealing the vehicle:

The windshield repair Tulsa professionals perform a quality replacement. This seals your vehicle and resists water’s entry possible in the old or loose windshield that has lost its seal. The chips and cracks allow the movement of air through in and out of your vehicle. The replacement gives complete safety by resisting the outside air to enter inside the car. Thus, you can get a warm and safer ride during the winter months.

Auto Glass Repair Tulsa

Auto Glass Repair and Replacement of the windshield is an important decision, and it should be taken well on time with the help of an expert. Technicians working in the industry know better tat whether your car windshield needs a repair or replacement. Consult a reliable auto glass repair service provider to ensure your car’s safety and buy a good quality service. So, whether your car’s windshield needs a repair or a replacement, you need to consult a reliable auto glass repair in Tulsa.