Windshield or windscreen is used for vehicles like cars, motorbikes, trucks, trains, boats, streetcars. The windshield is a type of transparent screen that will protect your vehicle. The windshield is related to road accidents. Here you will get complete detail about windshield repair Tulsa and Tulsa windshield replacement. The windshield as the name suggests shield which will protect all the interior part of your car from dust dirt and other elements.

The types of windshield cracks

The windshield cracks come in different sizes and shapes which depends on various factors. You need proper care and maintenance to keep your vehicle safe and secure. The types of windshield cracks are given below.

Ding crack

Ding Crack is also known as star crack. The crack which occurs due to sharp rocks or object. The impact you will get will be of star shape cavity. This type of crack can easily solve the problem through Tulsa windshield replacement.

The ding crack needs to be replaced after three or more cracks in the windshield. This is the time you need to replace it with a new one. To protect it from further damage and the amount for that damage replace it with a new one. The damaged windshield will lose the ability to hold the further impact and will destroy accordingly again and again.

Combination break

The name suggested combination break which means any pebble strikes the glass and the impact will be in the combination of bull eye and star crack. The combination break needs some development and replacement as soon as possible.

Bull eye

This type of crack is very common. Bull eye crack is caused due to rock impact. The impact will be circular and small pieces of glasses will start falling. This type of crack is common and usually seen.

This type of crack cannot be left untreated. Bull eye crack will damage the larger part of your glass. The windshield replacement Tulsa OK is perfect for this edge crack created. The edge part of your vehicle will get damaged due to it.

Floater crack

The type of crack which is almost three inches away from the windshield is known as floater crack. A windshield replacement in Tulsa OK is enough to solve this type of crack.

The temperature fluctuation is quite common, isn’t it? Due to temperature fluctuation floater crack needs repairment. Suppose the length surpasses six inches then definitely windshield replacement is necessary.

Half Moon crack

Half Moon Crack is similar to bull eye crack. The impact will be seen as a semi-circular shape instead of a circular shape.

Half Moon crack is not so much dangerous or serious. The crack needs replacement but it is not so costly. The quick and easy process will help to replace half Moon crack.

Stress crack

Stress crack is dangerous because it can harm the internal glass. This type of crack you can feel from your fingers. Stress crack is something that might happen due to certain changes in temperature or sunlight. Temperature change is the biggest reason for this type of crack. The boiling water can also be the reason for stress crack. Windshield repair Tulsa will rectify all this type of crack.

Stress crack also requires proper attention. Replacement of the windshield is needed when there are three or more cracks in it. Similar cases with stress crack will destroy your agility and you have to face the consequences in further future. Proper care is needed if it crosses 14 inches or more.

Guidelines to repair cracks in the right way

Follow the guidelines which will help you to maintain and repair several windshield cracks.

Expert knowledge

Expert guidelines are necessary because without them windshield crack is not effective. Choose one of the certified experts and let go of your friend who knows how to repair windshields because he lacks the certification. The proper high-quality repair is always provided in a licensed and tested manner.

Tape is required

Retention tape after a new windshield is required. You cannot use a simple tape for a small crack in glasses because this may harm your vehicle. This is not a simple way where you can maintain stability for a longer period. You need to contact a technician to solve this query.

Immediate repair

You might notice that the windshield is not working, don’t wait for a longer period and take help from a technician. The immediate repair will keep your windscreen safe and secure for longer periods.

Selecting good quality

Good quality Windshield is required which you can get in Tulsa windshield replacement. Quality should matter despite quantity. So always remember to select a good quality windshield with less amount.

Best service in Tulsa

The best service in Tulsa is provided by Glasswork auto glass company. It is perfect in replacement policy and will rectify all the problems related to the windshield. The various reasons why you can select this company are as follows.

  • Take help from the technician for the windshield replacement process because they will guide you in the proper direction.
  • They will remove all the damaged windshields from your vehicle.
  • The technician will install the new windscreen very carefully. They know the method of molding, primers because they are experts in this field.
  • While installing the windshield if any broken glass has left the technician will remove that.
  • The technician will guide you with special instructions that how you can use the new windshield and when you can use them safely. A quick and easy response within 24 hours is given by this company.


Till now you are aware of windshield repair Tulsa and Tulsa Windshield replacement. Safety is the only requirement to fulfill your need. Glasswork auto glass is doing the same thing for you. Replace and repair your windscreen with proper instructions and guidelines. You can read the reviews online on their website to clarify your doubts. They are doing a great job and without wasting time reach them as soon as possible.