Get Catoosa auto glass today. We all know some common causes of windshield damage like debris, stones, pebbles, and so on. But do you know your windshield wipers can also cause the windshield to damage? Believe it or not, if the wipers get too old or if they are faulty they can damage the auto glass.  You may be pretty careful about a stone cracking your windshield, but you may not take the damage caused by the faulty wiper.

Windshield wipers are one of the key components which help to clean the auto glass Tulsa. These wipers keep the glass protected from oils, waxes, dust, dirt, moisture, debris, heavy rain and so on. In the process of cleaning the windshield, wipers come in contact with all sorts of things which can in return damage the wipers. As a result wipers chatter, squeak, chatter, skip, streak and smear which impedes the visibility of the driver. Get Catoosa auto glass today.

You might not notice but once the wipers go faulty or old they can damage your auto glass. And the damage might not always be a minor scratch, sometimes the damage goes deep into the glass necessitating windshield replacement Tulsa. Get Catoosa auto glass today.

You can easily prevent this from happening just keep an eye on the windshield wipers and replace them whenever they go faulty.

Here is how damaged wipers can harm your windshield in multiple ways:

  • Your windshield might get a scratch

The windshield wipers are designed in a manner that they touch the surface of the glass to remove substances like dirt or dust. But as the wiper gets old the metal underneath the rubber might reveal. Get Catoosa auto glass today. This metal when comes in contact with the auto glass causes it to scratch. Scratch might not seem a very big problem but it can obstruct the vision of the driver which is hazardous. Besides, it does not take long for a tiny scratch to turn into a crack which will necessitate auto glass repair Tulsa.

  • Improper movement of the wipers

As the wiper becomes old the metal inside might grow weaker. The wipers might cause a problem in moving. In some cases, a deformed wiper does not come in contact with the surface of the glass at all. Get Catoosa auto glass today. Your windshield will become dirty which will in turn damage it. In both these cases, you must replace the wipers immediately.

  • Squeaking and streaking while wiping

When the wipers become old or faulty they might cause squeaking or streaking while you are wiping. These sounds might distract the drivers while they are trying to focus on the road.

  • Improper cleaning

In case your wipers are faulty they will not function properly. The wipers will not come in contact with the glass properly. This will result in improper cleaning of the glass. Get Catoosa auto glass today. During the rainy season, improper cleaning of the glass will lead to the improper vision which is very dangerous.

Therefore, it is better to replace the wipers when they get old or faulty or else you will have to replace the entire windshield due to the damages caused by faulty wipers.

Why you should not ignore tiny scratches or chips?

You might be wondering that a tiny scratch on your windshield is not dangerous. Allow me to prove you wrong. No matter how tiny the scratch or chip is it can take the shape of a big crack very soon. Get Catoosa auto glass today. Even tiny damage can make the windshield weak thereby even the slightest pressure or temperature can make the damage more intense. Therefore it is always wise to go for windshield repair Tulsa when you notice a chip, crack or scratch.

If your faulty wipers have damaged your auto glass Tulsa, and it is not hampering the visibility, waste no time to take your vehicle to a reputed auto glass repair Tulsa or windshield replacement Tulsa shop. Get Catoosa auto glass today. The good is that there are quite few reputed shops in Tulsa, Ok (Oklahoma) or suburbs Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta.

Not repairing the glass on time will make it impossible to repair, thus the only option you will be left with is windshield replacement Tulsa ok. It is no hidden fact that windshield replacement will cost you more than just repairing it. Thus avoid huge expenses by necessitating repairing at the initial stages of the damage. Get Catoosa auto glass today.

How to keep the windshield wipers smooth

Here are some tips to keep your windshield wipers smooth to avoid windshield damage:

  • Clean the windshield clean

Scratches due to windshield wipers are also caused due to the tiny pebbles or debris on the auto glass. Get Catoosa auto glass today. To avoid this you should always keep your windshield clean regularly. This will allow the wiper to run smoothly on the surface of the glass.

  • Keep an eye on the wipers

Make it a habit to regularly check the windshield wipers. Make sure that the liquid is full all the time. If you notice that the spray does not cover the entire windshield make sure to check the nozzles of the spray and clean them. Besides, ensure that the wipers are locked properly. The rubber of the wipers generally comes off after a few months. Keep an eye on it and once the inner metal is visible immediately replace those wipers.

  • Make sure that the fluid is full

To ensure that wipers work smoothly, make sure that the wiper fluid is full. Moreover, ensure that the fluid is spraying on the entire windshield and adjust the nozzles frequently. Get Catoosa auto glass today.

Catoosa Auto Glass

Windshield wipers are important to make the windshield clear all the time. It protects the windshield from various elements like dirt, dust, pebbles and so on. It is extremely helpful during heavy rains. Get Catoosa auto glass today. If you notice any signs of damage on the windshield wipers such as squeaking, smearing, chattering or inner metal exposure then you must immediately take action and replace your windshield. Replacing wipers on time will prevent greater damage to your windshield. Do not wait for too long or else you will have to repair your windshield due to damages caused by its wipers.