Get Windshield repair Catoosa today. Have you ever seen a parked vehicle or a windshield wiper truck pointed up? It’s no mystery that freezing rain and snow can create a nightmare on frozen roads – but they can also cause trouble for parked cars.

Any car owners shift their windshield wipers up from the windshield’s surface to keep them from sticking to the windshield. Wipers frozen in the windshield will potentially be compromised when powered on, leaving them inoperative.

Read on to discover the pros and cons of putting the windshield wipers on when it’s snowing.

Why Pull the Wipers from Your Windshield? 

Here’s a lengthy description of what is generally assumed to be valid. When you have six or more inches of snow, pulling your windshield wipers will make it a lot easier to clean your windshield. Get Windshield repair Catoosa today.

You should take an ice scraper and run it through the window without the risk of scratching the wiper blade. You will clean the whole windshield with your snow scraper and brush to be capable of driving safely. Second, if the inevitable freezing rain is predicted, pulling the windshield wipers up stops them from sticking to the windshield.

Yeah, this is going to happen. Again, this allows you a clear area to deal with as you remove the ice off your windshield. The rubber blades that freeze to the glass can do more harm than the wipers. Get Windshield repair Catoosa today.

Third, and perhaps most critically, it may avoid damage to your wiper arm and wiper motor. If you happen to have your wipers on when you leave your vehicle, they will start automatically when you turn the car on.

A large amount of snow or ice build-up on your windshield can hinder your wipers from working. If your wipers can’t turn while they’re going, there’s a risk to flame out your wiper motor or bend your wiper arm. It doesn’t take a long time to put the wipers up. And it might save you time in the long run. I’m a proud promoter of this practice.

Why Are People Against Putting Their Wiper Blades Up? 

The pressure of using the wipers is a lot tougher on the rubber blade than removing the blade. So if this is a problem you have, once you’ve done wiping your windshield, kindly lower your wiper arm back down.

The legitimate problem that people have is that the wiper snaps back in strong winds. This may have a low double effect.

Next, it could potentially bend your wiper arm and severely damage your wiper. Get Windshield repair Catoosa today.

Second, the impact of the smashing windshield wiper could break the still cold and fragile windshield.

A blizzard or a hurricane of high winds, I’d have to leave my wipers off. You ought to use a measure of rational thinking. If the forecast calls for strong winds, you will need to show caution and keep the wipers off.

So after weighing the arguments for and against putting up your wipers, you decided not to put up your windshield wipers. Yet you wouldn’t want to be caught completely unaware, so what are you going to do?

Alternatives to Lifting the Wipers

Don’t worry; there are choices for you if it feels unnatural to put your windshield wipers in the snowstorm. Let’s take a look at some of the preparatory steps you should take to make washing your vehicle smoother in the morning.

Just start the car around twenty to twenty-five minutes before you’re ready to go. This is what is generally called “warming up the engine.” But what you’re going to do is start your car and turn your heat and defroster to the limit.

When your car is doing the job of melting the ice and snow near your window, you can do other things, including digging your car out from the driveway. You can do this in combination with putting up your wipers. By the time you managed to clean up your windshield, much of the snow and ice had melted, and it was just a matter of sweeping it out of the windshield. Get Windshield repair Catoosa today.

Socks and Windshield Wipers

Another technique that can be used once or twice is to place a cover or a sock on your wiper blades. This is very effective; it covers the blade and prevents the snow and the ice from sticking to the windshield. You may use an old sock to cover it up, but an enclosed sleeve would be much more secure. The third choice covers your entire windshield with a carton, a large towel, or an insulated magnetic windshield cover. Get Windshield repair Catoosa today.

Insulated Cover

This is good if you’re having ice, and it’s going to avoid the build-up of ice on your windshield. The only drawback is that you’ll end up chipping the ice off the cover before you can clear it. There are more of them! Another approach that is not much used is to add PAM, a cooking spray, to the rubber wiper blades. Get Windshield repair Catoosa today.

This will keep them from freezing to your windshield, according to the procedure. It doesn’t solve much about a significant snow build-up, you’re always going to have to sweep around your wipers, but that’s another option. In the end, you can use a deicer to clear snow and ice off from your wipers. Again, if there are snow concentrations in your windows, you’ll need to clear these first, but if you don’t want to remove the wipers. It’s an option.

Windshield Repair Catoosa

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