How do summer temperatures affect windshields? Many car owners in Tulsa, Ok (Oklahoma), and other suburbs like Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta believe that some of the greatest threats to the car’s windshields are dust, pebbles, and rocks. These are some common causes of danger to the windscreen, while other culprits like hot temperatures might go unnoticed.  

High Temperature Affects the Windshield of the Car

Ideally, summers are quite hot, with the sun beating down every time you leave your space. If your car is parked outdoor under direct sunlight, your windshield will get hot. If it is scorching, then experts of windshield repair Tulsa suggest that you shouldn’t turn on your car’s air conditioner immediately after sitting in the car as it can make the windshield susceptible to breaks, splits, and cracks. This mainly happens due to the temperature fluctuations as they put stress on the car’s windshield. This can even cause the rapid spread of existing chips or cracks on your windshield to spread or widen considerably.

Why Does This Happen?

The primary cause of windshield damage is not necessarily from humid temperatures but the quick temperature fluctuations. It can also be due to the alterations of two extremes, i.e., hot and cold. The difference between extreme temperatures in your car can enhance pressure on the windshield.

As per Tulsa windshield replacement professionals, this can occur when the temperature is humid outside, and you blast the air conditioner the moment you get inside the car. It also happens when it is cold out, and you crank the heat. The main cause of the gradual detrition is due to the different temperatures on your windshield’s car. Ideally, the fluctuating temperatures form a massive threat to an already endangered windshield. Windshields are most likely to be damaged during temperature fluctuations as glass contracts during cold weather and expands during hot weather.  

How to Protect a Damaged Windshield?

You can protect your car’s windshield and avoid windshield replacement in Tulsa if you ensure parking your car in a carport or basement or some under covered areas. Always ensure that you avoid direct sunlight, especially if your windshield is damaged. It would be best if you would take care of the car’s internal temperature. The sudden change in the temperature in the internal temperature can ideally affect the windshield’s structural integrity. It will be best if you don’t turn on the air conditioner as soon as you sit in the car.

Turn on your car’s cooling system to low at first once you get inside your vehicle. It’s best if you let the windshield warm up slowly in the winters instead of turning on the defroster. The sudden temperature fluctuations can cause the expansion of the windshield hence causing damage.

Don’t Neglect a Damaged Windshield If You Want to Avoid Tulsa Windshield Replacement.

If you see your windshield has been damaged or has minor fluctuations due to temperature fluctuations, you need to immediately seek the professional help of Tulsa windshields experts. It can become an obstruction if the windscreen is damaged right in front of the driver’s line of sight. Above all, it can become a significant hindrance to safe driving. A damaged windshield can damage the roof, making it weak. For the proper deployment of airbags, the windshield is helpful. 

Thus, you don’t need to bother about anything as our trained windshield replacement Tulsa OK experts at Glassworks Auto Glass will take care of your windshield, and we assure you to provide the best windscreen repair and replacement services in Tulsa, OK. 

Hire the Professionals

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