Do you need a windshield replacement Tulsa? The windshield is the most significant component of your car, as it offers considerable security to all the passengers inside. Therefore, it is essential to take care of the windshield. If there is even a small chip on the windshield, you must take professional help to decide about the future course of action. Depending upon the damage level, a technician will let you know whether to repair the windshield or replace it.

Suppose the damage is too serious, and the technician has replaced the old windshield with a new one. What should you do now? How can you prevent any further damage to this newly replaced windshield? You need not bother as we have got your back. We are here to help. 

We are providing you with a list of Dos and Don’ts that will, for sure, save your windshield from any damage. If you follow this list and stick to it honestly, then you can prevent further damage to your windshield replacement Tulsa. Have a look:

Avoid Driving for at Least One Hour of Tulsa Windshield Replacement

Follow this tip, earnestly. Remember that the urethane requires some time to dry for completion of the installation process. It is better to make your car sit in the driveway for multiple hours. It will take several hours to harden the urethane completely. Also, many companies will send their technicians to you at your scheduled time.

Open a Window Partially

The air inside the car will get warmer and expand naturally. This can put pressure on the seal around the windshield. This pressure may cause leakages. To prevent this, you need to roll down a window at least an inch. You can do this for 24 to 48 hours after windshield replacement Tulsa.

Avoid Slamming of Doors

In case you have a brand-new windshield, you need to be careful enough not to slam the doors of your car. Also, avoid driving on bumpy roads and over potholes. You should follow this for several days after windshield replacement Tulsa, OK

Avoid Washing Your Car for 24 Hours

Do not just do not wash your car within 24 hours of windshield replacement Tulsa. Water will not be able to hurt the seal. But the high-pressure water jets can definitely lead to puncture of the seal. You can opt for regular hand washing your car only after 24 to 48 hours of mobile car window replacement. 

Keep the Outer Part and Interior of the Car Clean and Clear

It is necessary to take special care of your car while the seal is drying up. You will not wish for anything to get stuck to the seal or push against it. Hence you must avoid putting any cover over the car for the first 24 hours of auto glass Tulsa replacement. Also, do not use a sunshade on the inner side of the windshield. Try to make the dashboard clutter-free.  

Do Not Try Removing the Retention Tape

A professional and knowledgeable windshield replacement Tulsa technician will definitely use a retention tape to keep the windshield moldings in place. These retention tapes make sure that the seal is safe during the process of drying up. We understand that you do not like the look of those retention tapes in your car. But it would be best to keep the retention tapes at their place only for the initial days after a windshield replacement Tulsa. 

Be Kind and Easy to the New Windshield

While the adhesive is setting down on the new windshield, it is better not to put an unnecessary burden. So always remember to close the doors of your car gently. You need not slam them unnecessarily. Do not ride on roads that are in poor conditions. Most importantly, drive slowly and safely.

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