Do you need a windshield replacement in Tulsa? A windshield is a protective shield of your car. If you compromise in choosing low-quality products for its care, you are compromising your own safety. Windshield replacement Tulsa offers some great maintenance tips that can help keep your windshield intact for a longer-term. Your car’s windshield maintains the structural integrity of the vehicle by supporting its roof. If you find damage to your windshield, you need to get it replaced immediately. 

Top care tips for your newly replaced car windshield

Commonly, your car’s windshield develops cracks and chips over time. You can get rid of it by getting it repaired by a good windshield replacement in Tulsa and to keep your vehicle ready to use. A repair or replacement is one of the two options that one must avail of. There are certain rules that one must take care of after getting their car’s windshield replaced. Taking care of its maintenance helps in keeping it in good condition for a longer period of time.

Your newly done windshield replacement is most sensitive in the first two days of replacement. This adhesive needs to set and get fixed to hold the windshield firmly into the frame. Therefore, it is advised to wait for at least one hour after windshield replacement before driving. 

Keep the area both inside and outside the car clear.

Ensure that the areas inside and outside the car are clear. There should not be anything touching the glass. This is important advice from the windshield experts.  Do not cover the windshield within 24 hours of a windshield replacement in Tulsa. 

Please do not remove the retention tape.

Retention tape is used to get the windshield stick on the frame and support it. This tape is there to hold the moldings together and to get them sealed at the desired place. Also, keep the retention tape safe from any dust and debris until the adhesive dries out. Windshield repair service Tulsa uses good quality products to fix your windshield and also takes all the necessary post-installation steps before handing the car to the owner.

Avoid the car wash

Water pressure from the car wash can displace the freshly installed moldings on your car. The moldings need at least forty-eight hours to dry out and set properly. If you want an emergency wash, you can gently wash your car by pouring water from your hands.

Gently treat your car.

The first two days for your car after the windshield replacement is quite crucial. You need to go easy during this period. Be gently and softly close and open the doors of the car irrespective of slamming them. Slamming the doors can displace the moldings, and the entire windshield can come out of the frame. If possible, do not take your car out for two days until the adhesive gets completely dry, and avoid using the road with potholes. Driving on bumpy surfaces can create problems by displacing the windshield from its original position.

Leave a window open

It is one of the most important pieces of advice offered by the windshield repair specialists to leave a window open if you have undergone a windshield replacement. It is essential to leave at least one window open for at least one inch for the first two days after replacement.

Detect if any wrong installation commenced

Check for visible gaps between the frame and the glass, unknown noises, and unusual visual discrepancies on the windshield. If you notice any of these mentioned above, you should see a windshield repair in Tulsa on an urgent basis.

Windshield Replacement Tulsa

It would help if you took care of your windshield the same way you take care of your entire car. The windshield is the most delicate and important part of your vehicle. Once replaced, make sure that it will not get any scratches, cracks, or chips, as a continuous replacement can make this part of your car weak.