How Soon Can I Drive The Car After My Car Windshield Has Been Replaced?

The windshield replacement Tulsa is an important component of the outer structure of your car. Apart from protecting the interior from factors such as dust, stones, rain, or grime, it also gives structural unity to your car. Windshields are also considered to be a crucial part of the safety unit in every car. Hence, it is always important to maintain it in the best condition. Given that windshields are part of the outer structure, it is also very prone to damage from several factors. Based on the extent of damage, it is important to go for windshield replacement in Tulsa or repair the damaged parts.

Consider the Extent of Damage

Considering the vital question of whether you should go for a repair or replacement depends largely on the extent of damage your windscreen has undergone. For instance, if it is only a mild crack or feels that your windscreen is loosely fitted with the body due to some manufacturing error, then exploring the option of auto glass repair in Tulsa, OK, can suffice the job. However, if there is a large crack or if the problem in your windshield compromises your car’s safety unit, it is best to get the old windshield replaced with a new one. No matter which of the above options you ultimately go for, it is important to remember that you cannot use your car immediately.

Standard Drive Away Time

Almost all the leading companies have a standard drive-away time. Before which you are not recommended to take your vehicle to the road.  This time is required for your windshield to sit properly and for the edges pasted to dry up. When you consider the total time required for windscreen replacement. It is best to calculate this time along with the other processes. However, if you think that this standard time is uniform throughout the globe, you may be wrong. The technician who performs your windshield repair in Tulsa must consider several factors such as temperature, humidity, and even the season in calculating this safe time. Detailed information on how these factors determine the standard time. Thus it has been provided below to aid you in understanding the process:


 Most of the windshields are fixed on the car using some special kind of strong adhesives. If the car is subjected to wind or dust before the adhesive dries. The windshield may even come off its frame without warning. Temperature plays a critical role in the time required for your adhesive to dry. It may take as little as an hour for the adhesive to dry post-repair work in places of high temperature. However, it may take as long as twenty-four hours for the adhesive in cold temperatures after your car undergoes windshield replacement in Tulsa.


 In places where the temperature is high along with the humidity. The adhesive on your windshield can dry very quickly and yield good results. Even if you decide to drive your car after waiting for an hour or two. Conversely, if the humidity is high but the temperature is low, the adhesive will take a longer curing time. In places with low humidity, the adhesives usually require just a few hours extra. Then the warmer places to dry and get set firmly. 


 If there is a sharp difference in temperature in your area between the summer and the winter season, then you will be surprised to notice that the recommended safe drive time after windshield replacement in Tulsa, OK, will also change accordingly. If you consider the replacement in the summer season. You can get it done more quickly than in the winter season. This is because the hardening of the adhesive usually gets slower during the winters.

Additional Parameters that affect curing time

While the factors listed above are some common environmental factors that may affect the drive-away time. Some additional parameters are needed to be considered on the part of your technician. For instance, different companies use different grades of adhesives. While the general factors remain the same, some types of adhesives need additional time to dry up. Further, the windshield type can also play a role. When you go for auto glass repair in Tulsa for some older car models, it generally takes lesser time than the newer models that require extreme precision in the fitting.

Ask your Technician

Now that you have a detailed idea about the several factors that determine how soon you may drive your vehicle after you opt for repair or replacement of the Tulsa windshields, you can easily calculate the time by yourself. But given that you may not be well acquainted with the other technical factors. Such as the grade of adhesive used. It is best to consider your technician’s advice as well before you take your vehicle to the road.

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