If you think that the procedure of getting a windshield replacement Tulsa is expensive and want to avoid this cost, then you should not buy a new car with the latest technology. No denying the fact, technology is ever-changing and it keeps experiencing advancements. With advancements in technology, additional costs also enter the frame. The windscreen of your car may look like just a piece of glass, but in reality, that piece of glass is full of technology. Let us discuss further some interesting facts, and we are sure that by reading this write-up you will agree that the high costs spent to get your windshield replaced is worth it!

What is Advanced Driver Assistance System? 

You must have heard people talking about ADAS, which is an acronym for Advanced Driver Assistance System. It is beneficial to know about this system since it is here to stay. The assistance system of drivers is becoming advanced with each passing day and as every day a new car model is releasing. The manufacturers use radar, sensors, cameras, computer imaging, networking and other devices to enable creating a safe driving experience.

ADAS is referred to any kind of automated assistance to the driver of a vehicle. It could be anything; something that is very simple as well that includes rain-sensing wipers, or auto-on headlights. When looking at in-depth details, ADAS is also beneficial for drivers to use the night vision technology, and sensing the vehicle at blind spots. The technology assists car owners in doing something difficult that a human with five senses cannot do.

Keeping you Safe

As far as the advanced state of ADAS is concerned, it is less of an assistance system and is more referred to as the realm of becoming autonomous. It includes cars that have adaptive cruise control, sensors of the lane departure, automated parking, systems that enable avoidance of collisions, and several other features that enable the driver to sit back and relax even while driving the vehicle.

At the Time of Windshield Replacement Tulsa OK

If your current vehicle doesn’t have ADAS features, in the future you will most likely have one with such features. It is because more and more vehicles, nowadays, are having these systems as standard features.

No matter how latest or robust the technology of your vehicle is, things will still break, especially the auto glass Tulsa of your car. There are chances that it will take rock abuse when it takes the brunt of highway-speed. When it comes to getting your windshield replaced, there are a few things that you should know. The first and foremost fact to know is that the computer system of your car will most likely need recalibration.

Trustworthy Technicians 

Areas that have road work going on are notorious for having boosted rates of you ending up with a damaged windscreen. The procedure of recalibration for your windshield varies depending on different vehicles. It can either be very simple as resetting the computer system of your vehicle or can be as complicated as taking measurements, setting lasers, and making manual adjustments.

The ADAS recalibration after you have your windshield replaced requires specialized, expensive tools and a lot of training. Additional costs to get recalibration done depend on its complexity. When as a car owner you consider what goes into the windshield and make it an expensive procedure. The price paid for ADAS recalibration is a complete bargain. Moreover, an adequate recalibration of your newly installed windshield will save your family from a deadly accident.

Windshield Replacement Tulsa Calibration

You must be thinking about why your car needs recalibration at all. Or why does the replacement of the windshield cause issues? It is because the windshield of your car has technology in it. And what you assume to be just a piece of glass, is a lot more than that. Although the technical features are not visible, there are things like built-in sensors, layers of noise reduction, heaters, and the list is very long.

A few of the built-in sensors can be attached to the ADAS. Moreover, if the sensors change their place, even by just a degree or millimeter. It may throw the entire system away. This is why the recalibration of your windshield is crucial after getting it replaced.

All Makes and Models

Vehicles with more advanced systems, for instance, the ones that use cameras for the system of lane departure. And other systems that have special areas of the windshield to see through are precise. Hence, it is crucial to take good care during the installation procedure. This ensures that things are all adequately lined up.

Just like several other sensors, the cameras installed are highly sensitive even to a small change. They will most likely recalibrate even after a new windscreen is installed.

When it comes to picking a windshield for your vehicle that suits it best. A car model, with the same make and year, can have over 20 possible windshield options. Hence, always let the team of replacement experts know the exact details. Or, have them inspect your vehicle before you order a new car glass.

Final Word

When it comes to windshield replacement Tulsa for your car, always choose ADAS-equipped glass and it is very important to take the vehicle to an ADAS expert for the advanced level of calibration. The procedure followed in ADAS calibration is a lot more different and advanced than the normal calibration that is performed. You don’t want to take any chance with the safety of your loved ones. Visit a workshop for ADAS calibration after the repair or replacement work on your windshield.


The trade-off is totally worth it! ADAS uses cutting-edge technology to furnish a smooth driving experience. Want the best ADAS? Go to a reputed shop in Tulsa, Ok (Oklahoma) & surrounding suburbs Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, or Coweta.