Do you need a windshield replacement Coweta? Caring for shattered car glass isn’t something everyone needs to do. But covering the window, so it can be repaired is an essential step. If it was smashed by hail, a collision, or an accident, any car owner must know how to cope with the crisis.

Windshield Replacement Coweta

In most cases, driving with broken car glass is not a safety problem, but you should go for windshield repair Tulsa or windshield replacement Tulsa as quickly as possible. In the meanwhile, you can clean the shattered glass and cover the window. This does not restore the car’s protection in the event of a burglary, so it does shield the interior from poor weather and extreme wind.

A high-density plastic garbage bag can serve just perfect as a makeshift cover for a broken window.

Steps to Temporarily Repair a Cracked Window


1. Get Ready for Windshield Replacement Coweta 

First, wear a pair of rubber gloves to shield your hands from handling glass fragments. Get a bag or jar that makes it easy to dispose of or recycle the material.

2. Remove the Shattered Glass.

Begin by cleaning the larger pieces of glass, using your hands to pick and toss the broken pieces into a sack or jar. Gently remove the remaining glass still stuck to the vehicle. Then use a shop vac to clean the smaller bits of glass inside the vehicle, along with the glass panel and inside the seal.

3. Clean Up Around the Window.

Now, you’ll need to ready the surfaces outside the window for strong adhesion. It’s necessary to remove gravel, dust, and build-up so that the tape cover sticks well. Use a wet cloth to clean both sides of the window seal and the car frame.

4. Place the Plastic Cover.

Then, from the interior of the vehicle, put the plastic over the glass panel. Place the bag against the top edge of the frame and place it in a temporary location with a few little masking tape bits.

5. Secure the Plastic Cover.

Arrange six to ten longer pieces of tape for masking. Smooth the acrylic and pull it to one side of the vehicle frame. Use one sheet of tape at a time to fasten the plastic on either side of the frame.

6. Seal the Cover of the Glass.

Next, use additional tape bits to secure the seal around the window. The second sheet of tape can also help hold the plastic cover in place even though there is humidity or high air pressure when you’re moving. Ensure there are no openings between the plastic frame and the window frame where air and water will spill. Gaps can raise the danger of plastic ripping until you get auto glass repair Tulsa.

7. Add a Second Sheet Outside.

If the temporary cover needs to be kept for several days, installing a second sheet of plastic is safer. Repeat measures four to six with a plastic cover on the outside of the glass.

Safety Concerns

Be mindful that the windshield coverage limits the area of view of the driver. If the windshield is smashed, minimize the speed and drive with particular caution.

Never inhibit the vision of the driver by covering the windshield with dark or opaque fabrics. You don’t want to patch the cracked windshield. This is just a temporary solution. It is safer to get a windshield replacement Tulsa OK immediately to safeguard the car and its occupants.

No one likes to go outside and find if one of the windows on their vehicle has been smashed. Irrespective of how it happened, you must fix it. Here are the steps you can take after the car window has been smashed:

Contact the Insurance Provider and Lodge a Police Complaint.

If your vehicle has been broken into, do not drive or touch it until you contact your insurance provider to file a police report. Some of the local departments are going to reach forward and make a police report. Others are also going to take the details over the phone—the same thing with insurance providers. If the insurance agent or the police are coming to write a letter, you don’t want to start sweeping up. If they don’t appear in person, make sure to take photos of the scene that reveals the damage done before you start sweeping or fixing it.

Clean Up the Glass

The best way to clean the broken glass is by a shop vacuum. Pick a shop vacuum and start sucking glass away from the vehicle. Keep doing this until you’ve eliminated as much glass as you’ve seen.

Cover the Window

If you’ve replaced as much glass as you can, you’ll want to continue to lock or cover the window and keep the outside conditions out so that you can get windshield repair Tulsa or windshield replacement Tulsa done. A lot of people use plastic or duct tape. But the easiest way to achieve this is to use straight packaging tape. Take a strip of transparent packaging tape and extend it vertically from the top of the windshield to the vehicle’s bottom. Never apply the tape to the outside of your vehicle, as it can allow the paint to peel.

Windshield Replacement Coweta

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