Having an auto glass or windshield replacement, Tulsa is a kind of big deal for many. It is expensive, and many insurance companies even increase your premium rate if you claim for it. So, if you have recently got your auto glass replaced, you would definitely want it to last long. Inexperienced auto glass shops do a poor job, which could cause problems in your newly installed auto glass. If you have recently replaced your auto glass, here are some problems you may encounter.

4 Common Problems

Here are the four common problems that may arise after an auto glass Tulsa OK replacement:

#1: Improper Seal of Edges

Once you have installed your auto glass, it is important to check for any water leaks. You can use the following methods to make sure that your auto glass does not leak on a rainy day:

  • Test with soapy water: Pour soapy water along the edges of the glass. Then, go inside the car and direct air towards the glass edges using an air nozzle. If there is leakage, you will be able to see bubbles on the glass from outside.
  • Test with a hose: Direct a water hose towards your car and see if any water enters inside from any point.

If you notice water leakage during any of these tests, it indicates that the auto glass repair Tulsa technician did not properly seal the edges. You must take your car back to the shop and ask them to repair the seal.

#2: Poor Adhesion

If the glass did not adhere to the edges properly, it would make unusual whooshing sounds when you drive. Such sounds indicate the installation job was done poorly. Depending on the problem’s severity, the sound may be clearly distinct or barely audible. If it is barely audible, roll up your windows, turn off all electronics and go for a drive. When everything is silent, you will hear that sound and determine who the culprit is.

One common reason for this problem is that the technician did not wear nitrile gloves during the installation. Installers need to wear gloves during auto glass or windshield replacement in Tulsa, OK, because the new glass has a urethane coating that works as an adhesive to secure the glass properly. If the technician did not wear gloves, oils might have transferred to the glass and reduced its adhesive quality.

If you suspect that your glass is not secured tightly, have an expert inspect the issue immediately. 

#3: Low-Quality Glass

A newly installed auto glass Tulsa must have a crystal-clear, smooth appearance. If your glass was replaced but still looks blurry or wavy, then the auto shop used poor quality glass. Also, if you paid in full but still got poor quality glass, you have the right to claim the shop.

If your auto glass repair Tulsa shop owners cannot prove that the replacement glass they are using has come from the manufacturer only, then there are chances that they are using an after-market product to cut cost. Sometimes, they may have reclaimed that glass from a junkyard as well. Make sure the replacement glass they are using has come directly from the manufacturer.

#4: Inappropriate Replacement Job Done

Auto glass or windshield replacement Tulsa is a crucial job that is important not only for your car’s performance but also for your safety. Usually, a good quality auto glass replacement job will require the hands of at least two technicians. They will ensure that the glass is handled with care, and it is lined up correctly before it is secured into place. 

Make sure they use original, high-quality products for your replacement job, along with strong adhesives and advanced tools and equipment. The technicians who conduct your job should be experienced and reputed in the market.

At GlassworkAutoglass, we take pride in our high-quality products, high-end services, and excellent Tulsa windshields and auto glass replacement jobs. If you are struggling with a poorly installed auto glass, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team will access your glass and do it right the very first time.