Need a windshield repair Tulsa? Windshields are made to withstand different types of weather conditions such as snow, sleet, rain, high winds, high heat, etc. Even the windshield glass is made to beat the negative impacts of a variety of weather conditions; it is prone to cracks, scratches, chips, and holes. Most of the time, a windshield gets damaged is due to the harsh weather conditions. The intense summer heat-waves can have a bad impact on the auto glass and ruin its quality. Whenever you notice any damage to your car’s glass due to scorching temperatures, it is advised to consult a professional windshield repair company in Tulsa for a better outcome.

Impact of hot temperature on windshield

Most of us think that the bigger impact on the windshield is caused due to being hit by debris or an object while driving. One of the key reasons for auto glass damage is its deteriorating condition due to its direct heat. Experts at windshield repair Tulsa explains that the windshield glass quality depreciates with time and how it’s been taken care of by the owner. When your windshield gets hit by any flying object, then the reason behind its damage is the temperature inside your car vs. the temperature outside the car that decides the damaging impact. Below you will read how hot temperature impacts our car’s windshield.

Hot temperature expands the windshield:

Exposing your car to the high heat can damage your car’s windshield by resulting in the glass expansion. The glass expands when hot air heats it, which certainly loosens its grip and makes it weaker than before. When you get in and turn on the air conditioner to full, it will cause an instant change in the temperature inside your car. This way, the car’s glass becomes weaker and more prone to damage, even if the impact is not strong. 

More prone to cracks and chips:

If exposed majorly to the sun’s high sun, the car windshield becomes weaker and more prone to cracks and chips. The extreme heat will make these cracks wider and deeper, which becomes the main reason for windshield replacement. This is why it is required to keep a standard check on your car’s auto glass condition and always approach a promising and honest windshield repair shop in Tulsa at regular periods.

Cause stress to the car’s windshield:

High temperatures or sudden fluctuations in the outside temperature can cause stress to the car’s windshield,d which then stops supporting its repulsive nature. The cracks and chips started to widen and become sharper. This is how even a small-sized crack can become larger, only cured with its replacement.

These are some negative effects of the high temperature that impact your car’s windshield repair Tulsa’s quality. Any delay or failure to take your car to a professional windshield repair could put you in an alarming on the road situation.

Ways to protect your windshield 

It is essential to protect your windshield from extreme heat. The sun can make your windshield glass expand, which can cause a crack or chip to expand really fast. So, there are multiple precautions that you can take to save it from exposing them to the sun. Below given recommendations are advised by a professional windshield repair Tulsa to protect your windshield from hot temperature.

Park in the shade:

One of the easiest precautions which most of us completely ignore is to park our car in the shade. You need to avoid parking your car directly under the sun’s heat. Always look for a covered or shaded parking, such as a covered parking area, or if it is not possible, try to park your car under a tree so that it will not catch the direct sun rays. This prevents your car from heating up and contracting and reduces the chances of a chip or crack to grow wider. 

Don’t spray hot water on your windshield:

Not even by mistake, pour or spray hot water on your windshield. Always use normal water to wash the glasses or even if you want to remove a sticky patch. If your windshield repair Tulsa is icy, try to get rid of it with warm water. Pouring hot water can cause the glass to shatter.

Do not blow the car heater on the auto glass:

Even if it is freezing, do not blow the car’s heater directly on your windshield. Instead, keep the heater blower downwards towards your feet. Warm air can cause cracks on the glass, or if there is already a crack, the heater can make the crack grow bigger. Moreover, if your car’s windshield repair Tulsa has any cracks or chips, then take it to a professional repair center and ask for their expert advice.

Windshield Repair Tulsa

Summers are scorching hot, and they may ruin your windshield glass to an extreme level. Windshield repair Tulsa provides you with one of the best quality repairs and amazing tips that can extend your windshield’s life. Get any of the car chips and cracks repaired immediately. Any delay can worsen their condition that only left you with a windshield replacement option.