Are you looking for a windshield repair in Tulsa? Fogging of the car’s windshield is quite common and extremely dangerous, especially when it runs at a great speed. When this happens, the driver would not see a clear picture of the road ahead, which is annoying and one of the major causes of road accidents. Windshield repair Tulsa offers multiple ways to defog the car’s windshield and genuine products to work best in defogging its windshield. Contacting a windshield repair Tulsa specialist is always a great idea.

Defogging your car windows

Though clearing the fog from your car’s windshield is quite simple, and one can do it within seconds, and even while driving at high speed, the only thing important is to keep intact your car’s defogging system with the help of a good windshield repair company Tulsa. The car’s windows get fogged when there is a temperature mismatch, i.e., when hot air comes in contact with the cool air. If such a situation arises, then the car’s entire windows get fogged up and render the road’s visibility. To avoid such a life-threatening situation, one needs to be attentive and know ways to defog the car’s windshield even when there is no help available. Below are described a few ways that are proved great in defogging the car windows.

Reduce the air condition’s speed when it is hot outside

We all feel exquisite while turning on the car’s air condition during summers, which turns out to be as dangerous as the comfort offered by it. The cooler air inside the car when it comes in contact with the hot air generates fog on your car’s windshield and windows. This partially or completely blocks the visuals of the driver. To avoid such a foggy situation, it is recommended to reduce the power of your car’s air condition. When the temperature inside the car starts matching the air temperature outside, the fogging will reduce instantly. The other way to reduce fog from your car’s windshield is by lowering down the car’s window. When the outside air enters the car, it matches the inside temperature to the outside, and fogging will reduce quickly.

Turn the heat to maximum when it is cold outside.

Fogging on your windshield is common when driving in a cold climate. This happens when you turn your heater on to beat the outside cold. To stop fogging, you need to turn the heat to the maximum as more heat will hold more moisture. Then it would help if you turned your air conditioner on to pull the moisture while passing through the cooling coils. Finally, turn on the recirculation button to bring the hotter and dryer air inside the car.

Turn your windshield wipers on

During the summer season, the fogging generally occurs on the outer end of the car’s windshield. It happens due to condensation when water starts forming on the windshield’s surface and when the cold interior comes in contact with the hot exterior. The windshield wipers are designed to eliminate the fogging and completely wipe the water off the glass. If you feel that your car’s wipers are damaging the windshield, then you should see a reliable windshield repair service, Tulsa, to replace your wiper blades. For a sparkly clean surface, you can pour some glass cleaner on the windshield and then turn your wiper on to get rid of the dust as well as water.

Open the car windows.

Opening up the car windows is the fastest way to get rid of fogging on your car’s windshield and windows. This idea is an absolute solution during the summer season. You can open up your car windows to a little extent while driving, preventing fog formation by circulating the air from outside to inside. When the air temperature of both inside and outside of your car remains the same, then the fogging discontinues. This is rather one of the easiest solutions to reduce fogging.

Opening of defrost vents

Almost all the cars come with defrost vents. If you are aware of your car’s features, you must know about defrost vents’ availability. For the defrost vent, there is a button inside your car with three swirly arrows pointing upwards. Pushing this button can open up the vents, and the defogging continues. This button is of great use when there is extreme cold outside and is available in the cars that run in colder regions than usual—some cars with a defogger button for both front and rear windshield repair Tulsa.

The use of shaving foam

Shaving foam is a great home remedy that can help remove the foam. And thus prevent it from building up on your windscreen. It is rather a great product to use; you can take a handful of shaving foam and spread it all over the windscreen with a cloth’s help. Let the foam relax on your windscreen for at least five minutes. Clean the entire windscreen with the help of soft cloth so that it may not scratch your windscreen. Wipe off the screen with another dry soft cloth to clean any leftover. This strategy develops an extra protective layer over your windscreen. And thus resists the water droplets to sit on it and create fog.

Windshield Repair Tulsa

Next time whenever you feel that your windshield is covered in the fog, try one of these tips to get rid of it immediately. You can consult windshield repair Tulsa for a good solution. The experts know all the valuable and authentic ways to diminish fogging and keep you safe while driving. The repair company has all the essential products and appropriate solution to defog your car’s windshield and prevent its formation.