Get windshield repair near me today. Those who drive a vehicle know that how important it is to take care of its different parts. This is where maintenance plays a vital role. When you talk about vehicle maintenance, a windshield is probably the last thing that people think about. But do you know that you can damage one of the most important components of the vehicle – the windshield – without knowing?

Auto glass Tulsa provides around 30% of structural support to the vehicle, thus it is important for it to remain in good condition. If the windshield is not maintained in good condition it will not be able to deploy the airbag properly in the event of accidents.

Are you not sure whether you are maintaining your windshield accurately? Do not worry; we have got your back!  We will inform you about some ways you could damage the windshield inadvertently. Get windshield repair near me today.

  • Not replacing the windshield wipers frequently :

When have you replaced the windshield wiper? How frequently do you replace your windshield wipers?  Is it after six months or after a year? If no, then you might be damaging your auto glass without even knowing. How? The rubber of the wiper deteriorates with time thus, the metal part of the wiper comes in contact with the glass. If you don’t replace the wiper for a long time, the exposed metal will start leaving scratches on the glass. If you haven’t replaced the wipers for a long time then you should inspect the windshield for signs of damage. It is advised by the experts that you should not neglect even a tiny scratch, if you notice one immediately go for auto glass repair Tulsa to make your windshield as good as a new one!

  • Not cleaning the windshield:

Not cleaning the windshield and letting dirt and debris may not seem harmful to you. After all, what damage can a tiny particle of dust do to your auto glass? Many people would believe that cleaning the windshield once a week or month would be enough or they can simply clean the vehicle when they want to go out. However, keeping the windshield crystal clear all the time will enhance its integrity by preventing small scratches on the glass. In case the wipers are not cleaning the windshield properly it is time to replace them if you want to avoid scratches. You must also top up the wiper fluid frequently or when you notice that the fluid sprayers are emitting fluid at very low pressure.

  • Incorrect de-icing:

The most common problem that people living in the colder areas is the icing on the windscreen. However, not many people know the fact that there is a correct way to de-ice the windshield. Get windshield repair near me today. In case you are not following the correct method, you will end up damaging your auto glass. To de-ice the windshield correctly use the following methods:

  • Use the defroster on the lowest setting and then raise it gradually. This will allow the ice or snow to melt slowly. Avoid using the defroster on the highest setting initially, the sudden temperature change can cause the auto glass to shatter completely.
  • Another method is to use a plastic scraper that is specially designed to de-ice.
  • You can also use room temperature water or alcohol in case you are short of time or if you lack proper tools and equipment.

In case you are hacking or pounding at the snow or ice on your windshield or using any tools try to apply minimum pressure or else you might end up cracking or even shattering the glass completely. If you set the defroster on the highest setting, avoid doing that. Start defrosting at the lowest setting and then gradually increase it. Even the slightest temperature change can shatter the windshield completely. In such a situation the best thing to do would be to go for Windshield replacement Tulsa.

Opting for harsh de-icing methods you can end up damaging the windshield severely. These habits can necessitate the windshield repair Tulsa frequently.

  • Cleaning products:

Most people make the same mistake of using wrong cleaning products to clean their windshield, which eventually causes huge damage to the glass. Using wrong cleaning products to clean your windshield is equivalent to not cleaning it at all. Cleaners that contain harsh chemicals such as detergents or ammonia are not manufactured to clean the windshield.  Such cleaning products can create a film on the windshield’s surface thereby reducing the visibility of the driver. To avoid any scratches, chips or cracks you should always use a cleaner that is specially designed to use on the auto glass. Always remember to use cleaners that are free from any harsh chemicals such as ammonia. Go through the product description and know the ingredients before you start using the material to clean the windshield.

Avoid using cloth and sponges or else you might end up scratching the auto glass. These items can trap tiny rocks and other items which can scratch the windshield. Use only those tools and equipment that are designed to clean the windshield. Get windshield repair near me today.

Windshield Repair Near Me

Windshields are a very crucial component of the vehicle. Therefore, you must take good care of it. Apart from providing clear visibility to the driver it also provides structural support to the car or any other vehicle. A damaged windshield will collapse during accidents thereby putting the passenger in danger. A damaged windshield might not even eject airbags during mishaps, risking the life of the driver and other passengers. Do not neglect even a single scratch on the auto glass immediately go to an expert and get auto glass repair Tulsa OK.   You need to very careful with your windshield. In case you have damaged it somehow, you need to take it to a windshield repair Tulsa shop Tulsa, Ok (Oklahoma) or surrounding suburbs Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta.  You will find the best service, products, and advice from their technicians.