Do you need a Tulsa windshield replacement? Cars are an essential part of our lives. People value their cars very much. For certain vehicles, they represent their personality. Cars are our expansion and they can sign prestige. So, any time your vehicle has a problem, you tend to run to your dealership to find a solution. And dealerships are most trusted because of their extensive knowledge of vehicle design, processes, protection, and their specialist’s expertise in car maintenance.

But is the Dealer the Right Choice?

Tulsa windshield replacement is a condition where you can find cheaper options than your dealership. You might believe that if you’re a dealership alternative, why should you try other outlets? Will anyone have better service than an authorized dealership?

Following is some information on how a professional window replacement and repair firm proves to be superior to a dealership:

High Pricing

Dealers have a broad network setup. They have to satisfy all sorts of car repair specifications. They serve daily. Fix some glitches with mechanical components such as engine parts, clutch, brakes, etc. They have specialist paint shops for dentistry and painting, which could be needed in the event of an accident. They will conduct efficiency tests on the interior systems of your vehicle. Overall, dealerships have it all your car might need to repair.

But it takes a lot of financial spending that can’t be quickly retrieved. Dealers will need to pay fees to the car brand for using their products and their brand identity. As a result, the price of components and labor costs in an Approved Dealership is often more significant than any specialized workshop that performs a particular job, such as an auto glass repair Tulsa company with a windshield.


Someone can claim that certified dealers offer original brand products/Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) components, so they are expensive. But, do you realize the same factories who sell OEM parts to automakers and, through them to dealerships, they even supply their details to other workshops? These components are similar to their OEM parts in terms of features and consistency but do not bear the carmaker’s mark. This is the asset of a car brand and cannot be used without authorization. That’s why the dealerships are paying fees to the car brands. These pieces are classified as original equipment equivalents (OEE) and have the same features and quality requirements, but not the company’s emblem.

Selection of Brands

Dealers use OEM parts provided to them through their distribution chain of car brands. This is part of their arrangement with carmakers that retailers can only source components from them. It also brings continuity in goods and facilities through the supply chain of dealerships. But for customers, the selection of a brand is limited. In the case of a specialist workshop in particular and the issue of vehicle glass firms, consumers have several more choices. You can pick between the OEM part, the OEE part, and other aftermarket pieces of various car glass manufacturers.

Tulsa Windshield Replacement and Insurance Depreciation

You may assume you have insurance coverage because if you want a dealership, the insurance provider will solve the price question. You are correct to the degree that the insurance provider pays its share as per the dealership invoice. Even insurance providers don’t fight with dealers for their high prices since much of their insurance business came from these dealerships to formulate new owners’ policies and the extension of existing policies.

Turn Around Time (TAT)

Dealers have a significant turn-around time (TAT). This is due to their standard operating practice and the scope of work done by the dealership. They’ll pick up your car, create a work card, and then execute the job as per the series. It can take around 2 days to repair the windshield in a dealership. But if you went to an auto glass Tulsa windshield replacement repair company, it will fix the windshield in about 60 minutes. Given the minimum travel time of 60 minutes for a modern windshield replacement, you can drive your car to work after 2 hours.

Windshield Crack Repair

Windshields can have a small crack due to stone or bud. It does not usually need a new windshield. Yet dealerships don’t do chip fixes to the windshield. If your windshield is not cracked and has a slight crack about the size of a coin, you can contact a windshield repair Tulsa firm. Check out the windshield replacement Tulsa guide for more information about the kinds of cracks that can be fixed. Windshield crack repair would save not only your costs but also your time. The crack fix can be completed in about 30 minutes. GlassWorks Auto Glass supports the first policy of restoration and specializes in windshield repair unless there is no choice but to replace it.

Doorstep Service

The dealership does not have door-to-door window repair facilities such as GlassWorks Auto Glass. However, that doesn’t imply that they don’t care about their clients. The dealership operates a pick-up and drop-off service, which is also provided by all car glass firms. The explanation for why dealerships do not offer door-to-door service is that they do not have advanced door-to-door services. They provide services like mobile power window repair, mobile car window replacement, mobile car window repair. Often, because of a vast number of regular employees, it is not financially feasible for them to dispatch technicians to the customer’s locations.

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