The Tulsa windshield repair of your car can sustain damage in several ways, and hence it is one of the aspects that require frequent repairs and, sometimes, replacement as well. If often you are not able to decide whether damage on your windshield needs to be repaired or replaced, this article has got you covered. In this write-up, we will explain what are the different types of damage, along with how, when as well as where should you get them replaced or repaired, etc.

When you see a crack on your auto glass Tulsa, several questions start running in your mind. Let us know more about the windshield damages, and what you can do to safeguard your vehicle and the passengers inside.

Windshield replacement Tulsa is the last option when your windshield gets damaged in such a way that it cannot be repaired. Replacements are an expensive affair, and hence you should get the chips and cracks on your windshield adequately.

Types of Windshield Damage

One reason why windshields don’t just fall apart when they sustain damage is that they consist of two layers. The majority of windshield damages take place when the outside of a windshield is hit by an object. The common objects that damage the windshield include the rocks that are kicked off by the tires of vehicles or the rocks from the dump trucks.

In general, the position of the chip on your windshield determines what kind of damage is it? For instance, if a chip occurs at a distance of at least 2 inches away from the edges, it can be a minor chip, such as the star break or the floater crack. However, if the impact is closer to the edges, the crack will be long and sometimes unrepairable. Let us now review the different kinds of damages formed.

  • Ding or Chip
  •  It refers to a small indentation, in which when a chip occurs; a piece of the glass goes missing. However, the objects don’t go through both the layers of the windshield, but can soon develop into a crack, if ignored.


  • Bull’s Eyes:

    A bull’s eye chip is a round, dark colouredchip, that has concentric circles along with a clean point of impact. If you address such damage early, it can be easily fixed. However, if you wait for long, the accumulation of dust and dirt will make it hard to get the windshield repaired. Such a crack will have to be meticulously cleaned so that it can resist resin bonds.


  • Crack Chip:

    Just like a combination break, a crack chip is also an impact point on the windshield that has only one crack. The crack is usually not bigger than a quarter but can develop soon if not repaired timely.


  • Floater Crack:

    A floater usually begins at the center of the windshield and can extend to the entire surface of the auto glass Tulsa.


  • Combination break:

    When your power window goes through more than one type of damage, a chip usually occurs that has multiple cracks. That said, such a chip makes windshield repair Tulsa hard.


  • Edge Crack:

    This type of crack refers to the straight or crooked line that starts somewhere within 2 inches from the edges of the auto glass Tulsa. It can also spread across the windshield and can also penetrate to both layers of car glass. Edge cracks usually require a windshield replacement Tulsa OK.


  • Long Crack:

    Whether a crack is on the center or at the edge of the windshield, and when the crack is almost 6 inches or more, it is considered a long crack. It is not usually possible to repair such a crack.


  • Star Break:

    It involves an impact point that has shorter cracks extending in such a way that a star is formed. If immediate actions are not taken, then the crack may spread across the windshield.

Replacement or Repair

Tulsa windshields can either be repaired or replaced. Choosing whether you want a replacement or repair is not a straightforward process. For instance, cracks, chips and scratches on the windshield are usually fixed easily. However, before opting for windshield repair Tulsa, you should consider the following:

  • The extent of the damage caused.
  • Type of the crack or chip.
  • Whether or not you can do the repairs on your own?
  • Location of the damage.
  • What the local law tells about the damage that has occurred.

Please note that Tulsa Windshield Replacement becomes necessary when the crack occurs near the edges. Moreover, if the crack or chip is in line of sight of the driver, you should choose to get it replaced at the earliest.

When you choose to get such cracks fixed, always prefer hiring a team of experienced professionals for auto glass repair Tulsa. There are quite few good windshield repair Tulsa shops in Tulsa , Ok (Oklahoma) and  suburbs Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta where you will find some of the best windshield repair Tulsa technicians.  It is crucial because when the damage is in line of sight of the driver, it can cause distortions. If the chip or crack is ignored for long, dust and dirt can build up, and the damage can spread easily. In such a situation, it is better to replace the windshield.

Tulsa Windshield Repair

It is always important to know what kind of damage it is, so that you can decide whether you should. Go for windshield replacement or you should opt for Windshield replacement in Tulsa OK. A few other things are of great importance. Which include the law of your state and coverage provided by your insurer. The law states that you cannot repair some specific types of damages. Hence, you will only have to choose windshield replacement in Tulsa. Moreover, different types of damages require different kinds of repair techniques. Professionals are equipped with better tools and are trained to handle damages of all kinds.