Technology and Tulsa ADAS calibration has grown to the next level in recent times. No matter which sphere it is, technology has become imperative for everything. And when it comes to automobiles, you can see every other day some technological advancement taking place. Some of these technological advancements are so amazing that you feel why they weren’t there before. When you are on the road, there are many things that you need to take care of to be safe. ADAS technology helps ensure the safety of those in a vehicle. Contact us today by calling or texting 918-610-9967.

If you own a car you might have heard of something known as the ADAS. Which is the short form for Advanced Driving Assistance Systems. It is one of the best things that have ever happened with your vehicle. Have you ever wondered why and how this system is so crucial for your four-wheeler vehicle? If you are not sure about what this system exactly is. Or when to recalibrate your vehicle, then keep reading till the end to clear all your doubts. Contact us today by calling or texting 918-610-9967.

How does the ADAS technology work?

Advanced Driving Assistance Systems which is short for. This system is vital for the security of a vehicle. ADAS uses a combination of technology like cameras, sensors, and radars. Along with various other devices to keep the passengers safe. Contact us today by calling or texting 918-610-9967.

This technology works to reduce human error while driving. The technology warns the driver by sending warning signals when in case of any threat. Most of the accidents occur due to human error and ADAS has played a significant role. In bringing down the number of accidents due to human error. Contact us today by calling or texting 918-610-9967.

Tulsa ADAS calibration is a necessity for car owners in today’s world. ADAS recalibration involves the readjustment of sensors as well as cameras, which are an integral part of the security system.

Before we answer this question it is important to know a few more things about ADAS recalibration. Below we have discussed the types of ADAS recalibration.

ADAS recalibration is roughly divided into two: dynamic recalibration and static recalibration:

  • Dynamic recalibration: Dynamic recalibration uses high-tech tools such as a scanning tool which is placed on the top of the car. The car is then taken out on a road trip. On this road trip, the scanning tools will recalibrate.
  • Static recalibration: In this type of recalibration, a target board is set up some distance away from your vehicle. Now the experts will look for the car’s center. Once the center of the car is located cameras and other ADAS tools will be recalibrated using the scanning tool. The target board is used to align the vehicle.

More about ADAS recalibration

If you have a car you must have noticed a camera somewhere near the auto glass. This camera near the windshield is a part of the ADAS. Contact us today by calling or texting 918-610-9967.

These tools are responsible for the proper functioning of various things like pedestrian avoidance, emergency brake, adaptive cruise control, etc. The work of ADAS recalibration is to align these devices (cameras, sensors) properly. Even if one device isn’t properly aligned it will impact the functioning of the entire system. Contact us today by calling or texting 918-610-9967.

When is the best time to recalibrate your vehicle?

The ADAS system should be checked regularly especially when you get a windshield replacement or repair. During an accident windshield replacement or windshield repair. The cameras and sensors generally misalign which compromises the security of the overall system. Even if the devices are moved by a centimeter or two. Furthermore, it will create a huge impact on the functionality of Tulsa ADAS calibration. Contact us today by calling or texting 918-610-9967.

Never delay recalibration as you will only be compromising the safety of your loved ones. Besides that, in case you notice any malfunctioning in the system you should immediately get it recalibrated. Don’t ignore even a minor malfunctioning or else things will go out of your hands. Take these signs as warning signals.

We have made a list of various instances after which you should go for ADAS recalibration as soon as possible:

  • collision repair
  • Windshield replacement
  • After the deployment of the airbag
  • Front end alignment
  • Suspension repair
  • Once you have changed the ride height
  • Tiire Change
  • When you notice an ADAS switched on.
  • Replacement of PCM (powertrain control module), ECU (Engine Control Unit) or ECM (Engine Control Module).
  • Once you have replaced a damaged camera.

How is Adas related to auto glass repair and replacement?

As you might already know by now, ADAS uses several cameras and sensors. These devices make sure that the passengers are safe. Generally, after a windshield repair or replacement Tulsa ADAS calibration is necessary. Because during repair or replacement the ADAS devices such as cameras and sensors might get misplaced. Contact us today by calling or texting 918-610-9967.

Tulsa ADAS Calibration

Safety should always be the priority of the driver. Thus he or she should regularly monitor and maintain all the electronic devices. Never compromise the safety of your loved ones by delaying recalibration, instead go and get it done immediately if required. If you are looking for Tulsa ADAS calibration, and want to do it perfectly.

Then you need to find the best technicians who know each and everything about that. If you are residing in Tulsa, then you are lucky because there are quite a few shops available. Thus in Tulsa OK (Oklahoma) and surrounding suburbs Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby. Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta. Just reach them and they will help you in the best possible way. Get ready for a great experience. Contact us today by calling or texting 918-610-9967.