Do you need a temporary repair? Do you own a vehicle?  You know about its various parts. And, you know what a windshield is and why it is so important; right? A windshield is important as it is right in front of the driver. It protects passengers from harsh weather and provides structural support to the vehicle. Due to harsh weather conditions, dirt or dust particles windshields might get scratches. If the scratches are minor they can be treated at home with simple DIY. However, if the scratches are deeper or bigger in size DIY will not work and you will have to go for auto glass repair Tulsa.

Here is our quick guide on how you can fix minor scratches on your windshield.

  • Checking the depth of the scratches

Your first step should be to check how deep the scratch is. However, this Do It Yourself will work in case of minor scratches only. Try to feel the scratch by running your finger over it. If the scratches are unable to catch your fingernail it means that the scratch is shallow and you can temporary repair it yourself. Having said that, we suggest you let an expert analyze scratch with their advanced tools and equipment.

  • Collect all the supplies

Once you analyze the scratch and you conclude that it is shallow, you are ready to collect all the supplies. However, if the scratch is deep, go to a professional for windshield repair Tulsa. Here is a list of things that you will need:

  • Glass cleaner
  • Water
  • Soft fabric
  • Small bowls
  • A spatula
  • Drill that has rubber polishing wheels
  • Tape or a dry erase marker

Although you can fix the scratches without some of the items mentioned above, these will make your task very easy.

You will also require some scratch temporary repair products. Here are some options that you can go for:

  • An Acrylic nail polish (clear polish)
  • White toothpaste and baking soda
  • Cerium oxide

You can use any of these three mentioned products.

  • Cleaning the scratch

Before repairing, ensure that there is no dirt or debris on the scratch. Debris does not allow the auto glass Tulsa and repair product to bond. Clean the scratch properly using an auto glass cleaner and a soft fabric. There is no point in cleaning the entire glass; clean only the scratched area.

Mark the area that is scratched

Make sure you mark the scratched area after cleaning it. This step is important because it could become difficult to see the scratch in later steps. It is important to know where you will be working. The most convenient way to do this is by outlining the scratched area using a dry erase marker on the other side of the damage. If you do not have a dry erase marker you can also use a tape as its alternative.

Preparing the repair products

Finally, it is time that you start preparing the repair products that you will be using. However, this step can vary depending upon the repairing products that you will use. It is also important to note that in case you are using an acrylic product, you can skip this step entirely.

If you are using cerium oxide: Mix water and the powder using a spatula in a small-sized bowl. Mix both the ingredients very well until you end up with slurry that will have a consistency, somewhat similar to Elmer’s glue. Keep some extra water with you as it will come in handy if the slurry dries during the repairing process.

If you are using white toothpaste and baking soda: Begin by using around a teaspoon of baking soda and one-quarter of the normal size toothpaste tube. Use water to mix both the ingredients till you are left with slurry. Once you have properly mixed both the ingredients, baking soda should not be detectable. Keep adding water as you might need it during mixing.

Applying the repaired product

Once you have prepared the repaired product, you are ready to repair the scratch.

When using the acrylic product: Fill in the scratch with the product and wipe all the excess product. The product will become clear and hard after drying.

When using cerium oxide: Fill in the scratch with the product and start buffing. If you have a drill and rubber polishing wheel, you can use it in this step for better results. Keep filling and buffing till you have a smooth and clear repair. These steps will also apply if you are using toothpaste and baking soda mixture; however,you need to be gentler when buffing.

  • Cleaning the auto glass

After you have successfully repaired, you need to cleanall the extra products. You can clean the entire windshield this time. You should end up with a clean and scratch-free glass this time.

Temporary Repair

If the scratch is deeper do not repair the windshield yourself rather go to an expert because if you’ll damage the windshield you will end up with only one option and that is windshield replacement Tulsa. The repairing windshield can be very tricky. So, it is always better if this is done by professionals. If you are in Tulsa, then you are lucky; there are many windshield repair Tulsa shops in Tulsa, OK (Oklahoma) & surrounding suburbs Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta. Take your windshield you the professionals and they will repair the scratches with perfection.