For some reason, people ignore their car windshield the most. It automatically warrants attention when something goes wrong, like a scratch or a shatter.

We must be aware of the important functions of car windshields and pay importance to them. Therefore, let us discuss some important facts about car windshields, which many are not usually aware of.

Some Facts About Car Windshield

Car windshields provide safety.

A very common misconception that most people have is that car windshields only protect our cars from foreign objects. However, the safety that car windshields provide us is not limited to that. They also support the structure of the car. It provides significant support to the roof of your car. Not just that, it also absorbs any shocks or collisions that your car undergoes. It prevents the impact force from reaching the inside of the car and protects the passengers. Another important function of a car windshield is that it helps the deployment of airbags and positioning it properly so that it does not miss protecting your body entirely.

Tinted glass improves safety.

Tinted glass improves the life span of your car windshield. It provides a protective layer on the glass that prevents the sun’s UV rays from damaging the windshield. Not just that, it also prevents the glass from getting chipped when it comes in contact with debris or dust. This ultimately saves you the car power window repair cost.

If you want to increase the safety of your car, you can install windshields made of laminated glass. Laminated glass is made of two or more layers that help to protect the windshield from getting scratched or chipped by sharp objects.

Car windshields were used as a luxury.

We know that it is hard to believe, but car windshields used to luxury in older times. Using car windshields as a luxury is quite ludicrous as it pays a remarkable contribution to the safety of the car, increases visibility, and improves structural support.

Back in 1900, when automobiles began being popular on the streets, windshields were treated as an add-on item, just like stereos and rear cameras are used these days. The windshield was just a sheet of glass that could be rolled down if it became dirty. Only the richer section of the society used car windshields. It was treated as a symbol of class.

Then in 1915 came Oldsmobile, who made car windshields a basic feature of the car, thus ending the unreasonable luxury norms associated with it.

The shatterproof glass was invented accidently.

The shatterproof glass acts as a prime defense of your vehicle during an accident. However, it was an accidental invention.

Eduoard Benedictus, a French scientist, had accidentally dropped one of his flasks while performing one of his experiments. However, the fact about this glass was that it was covered with a layer of cellulose nitrate. This layer caused the glass to bounce on the floor instead of breaking into small pieces and spilling all its contents.

Benedictus did not put a patent on this discovery. He waited till 1909 to declare it as his intellectual property. This contribution led to the invention of shatterproof glass or laminated glass that is widely used today to protect the driver from road accidents.

Mary Anderson invented the windshield wipers.

Mary Anderson invented the indispensable windshield wipers that are so useful today. One day she saw a trolley car driver struggling as he could not see anything due to snow as it covered his windows. She gained inspiration from this. The people widely accepted her invention. This invention gained its 17th patent in the same year. A year down the line, thousands of Americans were using it. Now, the entire world uses her incredible invention.

Windshield repair is the most popular insurance claim.

This might come as a surprise, but windshield repair is the most popular insurance claim that insurance companies get. Whether it is small damage made by debris or any other sharp objects or large damage caused by accident, you can claim your insurance money for every type of damage. You can claim your insurance for every type of power window repair as well. Insurance companies reported getting the maximum number of insurance claims on mobile car window repair and windshield repair.

How to Stop a Windshield Crack from Spreading?

You must always meet an automobile expert if your windshields get a crack. However, certain temporary solutions can help you for a day or two. Some of them are:

Apply superglue or clear nail polish.

At first, you must clean your car’s windshield properly. Then apply any super glue or nail polish to the chip. Allow it to dry and tape the area to protect it from any dirt until you have finished repairing the area.

Use a windshield repair kit.

Windshield repair kits are available in the market. However, you must keep in mind that it is a temporary solution.

Avoid sudden changes in temperature.

Glasses tend to expand in hot weather and contract when the weather is cold. Try to avoid a major temperature change. Park your car under any shade and do not use any window defroster until you have repaired the crack in your car’s windshield.

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