Get Skiatook mobile window repair today. Has your car just got a brand new auto glass Tulsa? Are you not sure how to take care of it? Do not worry we have got your back. We are one of the top experts in the windshield and auto glass industry so we have this write-up where you will learn about some simple tips that will ensure that your windshield stays in a good condition for a long time.

Although windshields are made from premium material with custom methods to ensure the safety of the driver and the co-passengers while driving, still they are prone to damage and can damage if isn’t maintained properly. This makes it very important to take additional care of the windshield and take the required steps to prevent further damage. Get Skiatook mobile window repair today.

There are various things that you should avoid immediately after windshield replacement. Curious to know how you can maintain your windshield especially if it’s newly replaced? Let’s get into it without further ado:

Post Windshield replacement maintained tips

You have got the windshield replacement in Tulsa and now you are excited to take your car back on the road. But wait! Here are a few things that you should know before driving:

  • Leave your vehicle alone for some time
  •  The urethane-based adhesive which is used in the replacement process needs some time to cure once the installation is successful. No matter how excited you are to take your vehicle on the road, it can turn out to be a bad decision to be calm. Avoid driving for a minimum of one hour after installation and once you’ve brought your vehicle home from the service center let the car sit for 24 hours. It takes a couple of hours for the urethane to completely set.
  • Do not wash your vehicle for the next 48 hours
  •  Don’t get too excited and start washing your car. Water pressure from intense car wash might compromise the seal of your windshield and would probably shift the moldings. Wait for at least 48 hours after installation before washing your car. If washing the vehicle is an absolute necessity then try to hand wash it gently, avoid putting too much pressure on the windshield.
  • Let the tape stay
  •  Although the adhesive that is used in windshield replacement Tulsa OK is of premium quality, additional tape around the edges is added for additional support. Do not get in a hurry to remove the tape let it stay for a day or two. The tape avoids dirt and debris from settling in the edges therefore it is best if you leave the tape on for at least 24 hours.
  • Stop slamming the doors
  •  Avoid slamming the car door with force as it can create a pressure change which in turn can compromise the auto glass adhesive as it dries. Open and close the doors gently however it is best if you leave the car untouched for several hours once you’ve brought it home. Get Skiatook mobile window repair today.

Other Windshield maintenance tips:

If you want to improve the life of the windshield then you have to be diligent about maintaining the glass regularly. Here is how you can maintain the health of your auto glass:

  • Cleanliness is the key
  • Clean the windshield regularly using the specified auto glass cleaner. Avoid using cleaners that contain ammonia as it will discolor your glass which is a serious threat to the visibility of the glass. Regular cleaning will also help you to inspect tiny chips and scratches at the initial stages themselves.
  • Maintaining the windshield wipers
  • It is important to keep an eye on the windshield wipers. After some time the inner metal of the wiper might get exposed, which can scratch the glass necessitating auto glass repair Tulsa. Once you notice that the wipers are damaged immediately install a new one. Get Skiatook mobile window repair today.
  • Repair the damages at their early stage
  •  In case you find a minor chip, crack or scratch on the auto glass immediately go for windshield repair Tulsa if you want to avoid further damage. It is easy to repair the glass at its initial stages because once the damage grows repairing the windshield will be out of option. There are quite a few reputed windshield repair shops in Tulsa, Ok (Oklahoma), and surrounding suburbs Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta. You can go there to get your windshield repaired. The professional ones also provide Mobile car window repair services,so that you don’t have to drive with broken auto glass.
  • Avoid parking your car outside
  • Do not park your car in direct sunlight. Glass tends to expand when exposed to heat, although you will not be able to see this happening nevertheless it happens. Frequent expansion and contraction of glass can make it weak and more prone to damages. Therefore it is best to park your car in some shady area or a garage. Even if you live in a cold area try to park the car in shade to avoid the glass changing due to temperature changes.
  • Maintain distance from another vehicle
  • Maintain a distance of 1-2 meters from the vehicle ahead of you. Small particles of rock and debris can stick in the tires of the car which can fling back and hit your windshield. To avoid such a situation it is better to maintain some distance from the vehicle ahead of yours. Get Skiatook mobile window repair today.

Skiatook Mobile Window Repair

Windshields are an important component of your vehicle; apart from providing clear visibility. It also provides structural support to the car, making it very important to take good care of the health of the windshield. A damaged windshield or auto glass Tulsa becomes weak which is a great threat to the structural integrity of the vehicle; therefore it is essential to follow all the maintenance tips mentioned earlier. So, just keep these tips in mind to take care of your windshield and enjoy your drive to the fullest. Get Skiatook mobile window repair today.