Owasso Windshield Replacement

The windshield of your car is a very important safety concern. It can get broken for many reasons, like an accident or if anything falls over it. Anyhow, if the windshield gets damaged, then fixing it should be your priority. 

Since it serves as a protection mirror or glass for you while driving. However, a lot of people tame it down for the time being. But this should not be done. 

Since if the cracks are light or like scratches, you might need a replacement for your windshield. However, most people often look for ways to replace the windshield themselves. 

Therefore, today we will discuss more how to replace the windshield yourself. That too in a professional way. Hence, to know more about it, keep following the mentioned guide. 

Windshield replacement: Learning it to do yourself 

Learning how to replace a windshield on your own can be a difficult task. Also, it is recommended when the damage is at a smaller scale. Or does not need any professional help. 

When you visit a professional help or Owasso windshield replacement center, you might come across many options. But it also comes with equal hassles, like getting a lot of paperwork done, signing insurance, and much more. 

Therefore, for such reasons, most people try to learn how to replace the windshield themselves, especially for the cracks that are quite minor and do not have many hazardous risks. 

What are the ways to learn windshield replacement? 

There are not several ways but a few of them by the help of which you can learn how to replace the windshield. But before you learn it, some of the materials and tools that are needed are as follows,

  • A pair of gloves
  • A cold knife
  • A glass cleaner
  • A Windshield gasket made of rubber
  • A primer preferably, urethane
  • Two suction-cup holders
  • Scraper (razor blade)
  • A vacuum
  • Wire brush
  • Painter’s type
  • Other hand tools/accessories

After this, some of the ways are explained in proper steps. With the help of this, you can be able to learn how to replace the windshield on your own.

Steps to replace the windshield yourself:

Below are some of the key steps you need to follow.

  • The first step is to ensure you have a replacement for your windshield. Only then will you be able to replace the windshield. Without it, it is obvious that replacement is not possible.
  • Use the tools for hands like a screwdriver or preferred ones. That will help you to remove the rear-view mirror or other hard wirings. This is an important step to remove things attached to the older windshield.
  • Remove the wiper blades and windshield rubber gasket. That is present around the perimeter of the windshield.
  • Use the cold knife to separate the windshield from the weld. 
  • Again, use the cold knife, the help of which you will cut the urethane seal. 
  • Then remove the windshield. While doing it, make sure to be extra careful. If you are not careful, it can damage the paint and the surface of the bonding. 

Once you remove it, the space will be emptied. Use the razor blades that will help you scrape off the remaining urethane. That was present around the old windshield. Remove the spots that might be present as rust with the help of sandpaper. Use a vacuum to properly clean the debris that might be present around. 

  • After that, make sure to clean the glass of the new windshield with the help of a glass cleaner. That will soon come in contact with the new layer of urethane.
  • Once you have cleaned the windshield glass, you will need a primer for urethane. Use a urethane primer and apply it to the previous urethane. 
However, this step is not necessary for every urethane. Hence, it would help if you did your research before performing this step.
  • Apply a good and continuous layer of the urethane primer. Make sure that it reaches evenly around the windshield’s perimeter. If you have a gun that works electrically or is powered by air. Then it might be a much more convenient way. It makes work much quicker as compared to manual application. 
  • Once you are done layering urethane, you need to quickly place the windshield in before the urethane cures before the installation process. 
  • Then use the two suction cup holders. This will help to hold the new windshield down in place. To give you a much better angle before you fit it.
  • Make sure to hold and keep the windshield steady. Do not carry it if you feel it is too heavy. Ask a friend for help.
  • Now the tapes will come in handy. Use the tapes for holding the windshield while it is adjusting to the new urethane layer. This will keep the glass steady and in a proper fix.
  • Then make sure you give the new urethane time to cure. This should be done by seeking the recommended time by a professional.
  • The last few steps include reinstalling things you removed in the first place. Like, place the windshield gasket and windshield wipers. Or any other hard wirings that were removed before the installation of a new windshield.
  • You are done with the installation process of a new windshield. Now, once everything is fitted perfectly. Clean the glass of the windshield one more time with the help of a glass cleaner. Make sure to remove any residue or spots to make it shine.

When do we need professional installation help for the windshield?

If the cracks on the windshield are deep, you might need to refer to the Owasso windshield replacement services from GlassWorks AutoGlass. They have to offer the best and most skillful workers trained at the Owasso windshield replacement services. So, worry not if you have a windshield that is beyond your approach.


Windshield often breaks or cracks. It is not a big problem. But to let it subside and find a temporary solution for it might be a problem. You can fix or replace the windshield yourself as well. Or get professional help by Owasso windshield replacement.