Get Owasso mobile window repair today. Do you have a vehicle? If yes, then you would pretty well know how important a windshield is for your vehicle. While many people would take the windshield for granted, but the fact is that it is a very important part of the vehicle and plays a very important role in the overall safety of the passengers and driver.

No matter how good the other parts and the driver is, without a quality auto glass Tulsa, these can always be at risk in case of an accident. A windshield is also responsible for providing structural support to your car or any other vehicle apart from providing clear visibility. But what if the windshield suffers cracks and chips? The life of passengers will be at risk. Many people take minor chips and cracks as a light affair.

But taking care of the windshield’s cracks and chips is not an option; it is a necessity. According to the experts, it is recommended to take very good care of the car windshield to avoid any kind of damage and cracks on the glass. So, we bring to you this detailed guide where we will discuss about the different types of car windshield cracks and will also learn about a few types of windshield repair Tulsa that you should not ignore when you want to ensure safety of the passengers.

Edge cracks

This type of crack appears within one to two inches of the auto glass’s edge, or it appears towards the edge. Edge cracks generally develop because of excessive pressure near the perimeter of the auto glass. It usually extends about 10-12 inches.

Because of their length, these types of cracks can spread very easily, even with minimum pressure, thus making repairs difficult. In case, your windshield has a minor edge crack, immediately visit an auto glass repair Tulsa expert and get it repaired.

In case the edge crack is more than six inches, then you must consider getting a windshield replacement Tulsa. However, if the crack is less than six inches or so, windshield repair is possible. Get Owasso mobile window repair today.

Star breaks

As the name suggests, star break has a central impact point which is surrounded by minor tentacles like cracks that extend outward. If the star break is minor- around one inch in diameter, you can opt for windshield repair. However, if the damage extends more than that, then a repair might not be the option. Get Owasso mobile window repair today.

In case the star break impedes the driver’s vision, it might pose a safety hazard because a cracked glass gives a prism effect when light falls on it, which might distract the driver. In such a situation, windshield experts usually recommend windshield replacement Tulsa OK.

Bullseye crack

This type of crack appears like a dartboard bullseye. Bullseye crack has an impact point which generally is circular. This crack appears because of direct impacts on the auto glass, including either large or small objects.

Under other impacts or pressure, this crack can spread very quickly, impeding the driver’s vision and compromising the structural integrity of the auto glass. Get Owasso mobile window repair today.

Windshield repair is possible in case of bullseye crack only when the following conditions are met:

  • The diameter of the crack should be less than one inch.
  • There is no debris or dirt on the cracked area.
  • The crack should not be in the line of the driver’s sight.

In case of minor crack opt for auto glass repair, Tulsa, if you want to avoid future damage. In case the auto glass has a significant bullseye crack, you should immediately go for windshield replacement.

Floater crack

Floater crack appears somewhat like edge crack; however, it occurs near the windshield’s perimeter. Floater cracks generally occur around 2 inches away from the edge of the auto glass. If ignored initially, floater cracks can spread extensively for several reasons, including extreme temperature changes. Get Owasso mobile window repair today.

Therefore if you spot a floater crack on your auto glass, immediately go to a windshield expert and get it fixed. Generally, if the crack is more than six inches in length, repair is not an option, and windshield replacement becomes essential.

Importance of repairing windshield cracks and chips

Here are some reasons why you should not ignore even a minor crack or chip:

  •    Windshield cracks and chips can quickly expand: Additional pressure on the auto glass can turn even a minor chip into a significant crack. If the crack becomes very large (more than 6 inches), then windshield replacement becomes imperative. Therefore you must repair the chips and cracks at their initial stage.
  •    Windshield cracks and chips can impede vision: If windshield cracks or chips fall in the line of sight of the driver, it can distract him/her. A cracked windshield gives a prism effect when light falls on it. Thus, it becomes difficult to see the road ahead. Therefore repairing windshield chips and cracks at their initial stage is the best option.
  •    Windshield cracks and chips can degrade the vehicle’s structural integrity: People might not know that windshield plays a significant role in maintaining the structural integrity of the vehicle. In case of accidents, the windshield supports the roof, preventing it from collapsing, thus protecting the passengers from popping out of the vehicle.

Auto glass Tulsa also helps in deploying airbags efficiently in case of accidents. Therefore, ignoring cracks and chips on the windshield means degrading the vehicle’s structural integrity and risking the lives of people inside the vehicle.

Owasso Mobile Window Repair

In a nutshell, the windshield is an essential component of your vehicle, and you should take good care of it. Never ignore even a tiny scratch because it can quickly develop into cracks due to various external factors like temperature change, additional pressure, and much more. There are a few pretty reputed windshield repair and replacement shops in Tulsa, Ok (Oklahoma) or surrounding suburbs Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta. So, never take chances with your safety, take your vehicle to them. Get Owasso mobile window repair today.