Over the past few years, technological innovations and initiatives introduced in the automobile industry have evolved and revolutionized the driver’s experience entirely. Moreover, the GPS has further made it uncomplicated and easier for the drivers to know where they are heading to and whether there are any obstacles in the path. All and all, the credit goes to the hands-free communication, which has made it even more safe than before.

Additionally, the backup cameras have further made it reliable and safe to back out of a driveway or parking area. On that note, with the introduction of the Advanced Driver Assistance System(ADAS) technology, the safety during parking and driving is ensured.

When you realize that you need to replace your windshield, it is important to know the basics about the repair and working of the ADAS technology. Read on to know how windshield replacement Tulsa and windshield repair Tulsa calls for ADAS recalibration.

What exactly is ADAS and how does it function?

Generally, ADAS is a sort of technology that assists the driver in several ways to drive safely. This technology involves sensors, cameras, etc. The ideal objective behind introducing ADAS technology involves lowering the risks of a collision occurring due to a potential error by the driver that might lead to major accidents.

To sum up, ADAS notifies and alerts the drivers immediately when it detects a potential obstacle in the path thereby providing lane centering. ADAS systems usually involve lane departure warnings, blind-spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance, forward collision warnings, and adaptive cruise control. Other additional alerts included in the ADAS technology are the rear traffic alert and parking assistance.

ADAS sensors:

By now you know that ADAS systems are highly advanced in terms of technology. To ensure offering each of these alerts, ADAS employs a wide range of sensors exclusively to render help to your car’s system in recognizing whatever incident takes place around your vehicle. Generally, vehicles can use the information either from one sensor or the combination of sensors which is also referred to as sensor fusion.

However, one important thing about ADAS sensors that you need to keep in mind is that they need a precise calibration. In case they don’t receive calibration properly, the system may not function correctly or at worst cases can start to disfunction. Regardless of the intensity of collision, when any vehicle gets into it, the ADAS may face misalignment or start displaying faulty readings. To be more precise, when a sensor gets misaligned even by a slight degree, you must get it recalibrated immediately.

Few problems that can take place by misaligned ADAS sensors involve,

  • Disfunction in Warning lights
  • A potential issue with the computer system of your car
  • Failing to alert any impending collision to drivers

ADAS calibration

Generally, the most common advice that car manufacturers recommend is to go for a sensor recalibration whenever you notice that your ADAS sensors are disturbed. At Auto glass repair Tulsa ok, you can get excellent recalibration during your windshield replacement. Any ideal windshield repair Tulsa service provider will be equipped with factory-trained and professional technicians who are well aware of all the ADAS function calibrations.

If you are dicey about when to seek recalibration for your vehicle, below are few signs to notice. In case you see your vehicle experiencing any of these features, go for a recalibration immediately!

However, these signs include,

  • Airbag deployment
  • Camera deployment
  • Brake repair
  • Front end alignment
  • Suspension repair
  • New tires or tire changes
  • Muddy or snowy driving conditions
  • Headlight replacement
  • Power train or engine control replacement

Types of recalibration:

There are two types of ADAS calibration. Static recalibration and dynamic recalibration.

  • Static recalibration:

Static Recalibration is also referred to as in-shop calibration. It is generally done in OEM recommended workplaces. In this type of recalibration, you can recalibrate the sensors effortlessly without even driving the vehicle. This is carried out by targeting special areas concerning the location of the vehicle.

  • Dynamic recalibration:

Dynamic recalibration is also known as on-road calibration due to the bulk work that is done while driving. Similar to static calibration, dynamic calibration is done in the shop with the help of diagnostic tools to identify which of the ADAS features have been damaged.

As the name suggests, Dynamic calibration takes place when the car undergoes a dynamic change such as Windshield Replacement Tulsa.

Although you will need a technician while doing the dynamic calibration process, static calibration can be done with unique tools to calibrate the ADAS.

In accordance with most of the manufacturers, you must recalibrate your ADAS once you identify,

  • Replacement change in tires or ride height
  • Collision
  • On or flashing ADAS lights

While evaluating calibration equipment, look whether,

Dynamic calibration:

  • It covers all the main vehicles and models
  • It Provides remote assistance from the OEM Certified technicians and ASE master.
  • It features exclusive OEM licensed calibration routines
  • It needs an extra fee after a per-transaction fee apart from the monthly subscription
  • It implements well with other workflow solutions
  • It offers time-saving features including the inbuilt camera, fast scan times, and Internet access.

Static Calibration:

  • It features a variety of model and vehicle manufacturers
  • It offers step by step guidance for simplifying the setup procedure
  • It supports ADAS calibration of LIDAR, Radar, and camera sensors
  • It delivers rapid and precise digital measurements
  • It performs all the major type of static calibration along with mirrors, targets, and mats
  • It needs any extra specialized training for every new model
  • It provides reports to document any or Mobile car window repair
  • It is easy to make adjustments in the targets without mirrors, plumb bobs, or tape measures.

Windshield replacement Tulsa OK and ADAS recalibration

Finally, if you notice flashing codes in your ADAS indicators, know that you cannot guarantee that your ADAS system is functioning properly. However, with the correct training, tools, equipment, and OEM procedures, Tulsa windshield replacement experts can recalibrate your ADAS system. They can restore your vehicle to its previous condition while entirely focusing on ADAS calibrations.