Get Glenpool auto glass today. Do you think the auto glass Tulsa of your vehicle can’t be broken ever? It is good to be positive and believe that everything will work as you want, but the truth is your windshield can get damaged. The windscreen of your vehicle is much more than just two pieces of glass held together by vinyl. It represents one of the most important parts of your vehicle that plays a major role in protecting the occupants in it. The windscreen also provides strength to your vehicle but is also vulnerable to chips and cracks. Are you aware of how to decide whether you will need a repair or a replacement when it is damaged? You must have heard a lot of settings related to your auto glass Tulsa, but are they all true?

Complete Replacement

People often believe in what they are told about. It is not the case with your windscreen. Vehicle owners should have the ability to know which cracks need to be replaced and which ones can be repaired. The process of windshield replacement Tulsa is completely different from that of windshield repair Tulsa. Get Glenpool auto glass today.

Most vehicle owners think if there is a chip or crack on their windscreen, then they will have to get the windshield replaced at a considerable cost. Modern technology has made it possible to restore the integrity of the windshield if it is of adequate intensity and size. Auto glass repair Tulsa saves a lot of money and time. Get Glenpool auto glass today. If the damage is slight, experts will get your windscreen repaired without any hassle. However, if in some cases, the safety of the vehicle is compromised, replacing the car glass is a better option.

There are a lot of myths in the market about windshield repair and replacement, but people are not aware of the facts. Today, we bust a fee for them to help vehicle owners decide a better option.

Myth: All Chips are the Same.

Fact: One of the most common myths believed by people is that the chips that they get on their windscreen are all the same. Not all chips are the same. To be precise, there are six different types of chips that usually occur on a windshield. Get Glenpool auto glass today. Your windshield may experience one of them. The different types include:


Star break


Combo break

The Cloverleaf

Bee’s wing

Each chip spreads differently, and the technique to get them repaired is also distinct. The speed at which they develop further is different as well, and therefore, you should always consult an expert before concluding.

Myth: Any damage on the windshield will need a replacement.

Fact: Not every crack or chip that occurs on your windshield needs a replacement. Numerous things such as flying stones, weather changes, flying debris, extreme weather conditions, and many more, may result in windshield shattering. Get Glenpool auto glass today. When the vehicle is driven with a broken windshield or if something comes flying towards it while flying, the life of the driver and passengers are endangered.

As long as the damage on your windshield is not severe, you can hire car window repair Tulsa services. If you get the crack on your windshield repaired, it will not let the crack spread, and will also prevent you from spending huge on huge replacement costs.

Myth: A Minor Chip on the Windshield is safe.

Fact: When your windshield experiences a chip or a crack, it loses its original strength and weakens. You should never make the mistake of thinking that a small chip will not make much difference, and you will not have to get it repaired. Get Glenpool auto glass today. If you leave the chip unattended, it can soon develop into something major, and may also cause the car glass to shatter. Hence, you should choose to get a minor chip repaired at the earliest to prevent huge replacement costs.

Myth: A local repair kit will help you solve issues, and you can repair a crack by yourself.

Fact: Generally, people believe that even a repair will take a lot of time. However, if the crack on your windscreen is minor, people tend to ignore it. This is one of the major mistakes that they make. Get Glenpool auto glass today. Ignoring the chip on your windscreen will do no good, and will only harm it further. Moreover, if you think that you have a repair kit and you can repair the chip on your own, you are wrong. The repair kit is only beneficial for a temporary fix. For a permanent solution, you will have to contact the windshield experts for their auto glass repair services.

Myth: Windshield Repair/Replacement is costly.

Fact: Windshield repair is not at all costly. Though windshield replacement Tulsa OK will no doubt cost you more than repairs, it is not costly either. Windshield experts with years of experience will deliver prompt and safe services at comparatively economical prices. Also, you should opt for cheap repair or replacement services, since if the services are not adequately performed, there are chances that the windshield will get more damaged or may also shatter. Get Glenpool auto glass today.

A few companies also have tie-ups with some renowned insurance companies, with the help of which they can provide hassle-free claim procedure, cashless services and also a warranty of an entire year on their workmanship and the quality of the windshield.

Glenpool Auto Glass

Let experts take care of your vehicle and the windshield. You cannot trust anyone for the procedure, since the windshield plays several roles, and you cannot compromise on it. Do not underestimate the power of professional help. Experts charge a nominal amount and offer high-quality services. Don’t make your windshield the most neglected car component. It is of utmost importance that you should get your windshield replaced in the nick of time. Get Glenpool auto glass today. You can take your vehicle to a repair shop in Tulsa, Ok (Oklahoma) suburbs Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta. You can also call them for a mobile car window replacement service, which will save you from the risk and hassle of driving with a cracked windshield.