Get Coweta mobile windshield replacement today. You adhere to all the rules. You keep your car in your garage to stay away from heat damage, you thaw out only with cold water, and you try to park under cover wherever you go. However, when you have no option but to park your favorite car outside, in what way can you protect your auto glass from environmental damage?

It has been realized that not everybody has the lavishness of parking their cars in a garage or even in an enclosed parking space – but in case you have to park in harsh conditions outside, there are steps you can take to safeguard your vehicle. If you are parking outside this winter or summer, go through the following helpful tips in order to avoid a needless auto glass repair or replacement.

Tips to Avoid Auto Glass Repair or Replacement

  • Do not Park under Trees

It does not matter the season, you should stay away from parking under trees if possible. Stems falling from tall trees can cause harm to the car’s roof and windshield. Even leaves can cause damage if they fall from a great height. While this is less likely in the summer, and trees can offer shade, it is best to avoid parking under trees. In the winter, you should be particularly careful. Snow and ice can make branches heavy and brittle, causing them to drop on your car. Guard your auto glass by searching for a less unstable parking spot. If the parking area or driveway is encircled by trees, think about trimming back the branches to stop a calamity. Get Coweta mobile windshield replacement today.

  • Do not Park in Direct Sunlight

Whenever possible, park the car in the shade. If there is not a lot of shade, a semi-shade area is better than nothing. Furthermore, if there is no shade at all and you will be there for a few hours, try to park on the side of the building where the sun will finish up casting shadows. If you touch your car after leaving it for hours in the sun or burned yourself with the seatbelt clip accidentally, you can understand how hot your car can get, even in usual summer conditions. And while hot glass might not be your top concern, too much heat can compromise the windshield’s structural integrity. If you have minor chips or cracks already, excessive heat can cause them to deteriorate and extend as the glass expands and applies pressure on them.

If you have no other option but to park your car in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, shield your auto glass by having any present cracks and chips filled to stop further, more costly, damage. You can do this by contacting windshield repair Tulsa. And go forward and invest in a superior awning to put in your windshield to guard your vehicle’s interior from sweating, fading, and undergoing other damage caused due to sun and heat. Get Coweta mobile windshield replacement today.

  • Do not Park on the Street

It is not always possible, particularly in an urban area, to avoid parking on the street. But parking on the street means you are leaving yourself open to the driving insight of whoever is parking in front of or behind you. This increases the risk of getting exposed to passing trucks that can boot up rocks and gravel in the road which can hit your windshield and leave rock chips. Get Coweta mobile windshield replacement today.

  • Be Mindful of Your Temperature Control Setting

It can be tempting to make heat too high as soon as you begin your vehicle, but it is important to resist the urge. When your car has been outside in frosty temperatures for several hours, your auto glass contracts to some extent. Hence, when you crank your defroster to high as your vehicle warms up, you create an abrupt temperature shift against the freezing glass. Your windshield may undergo damage especially if it contains existing chips or cracks. Instead of turning up your defroster immediately, enable your vehicle to warm up totally before using the defroster. Even then, set the defroster on a low to medium setting just to be on the safer side.

Some additional tips to avoid windshield damage

  • Maintain the distance between your car and the one ahead of you every time you drive. Maintaining the distance is a fundamental part of driving safely to stay away from accidents as well as a good habit to guard your windshield.
  • Nearly all car navigation systems have an option for you to stay away from freeways. Choose that preference and aim to avoid the freeways to guard your windshield in the best way possible. Taking less important roads can guard your windshield as you will possibly drive at a lesser speed on side roads. Also, you are less possibly to come across large trucks and speeding drivers.


  • The grime, dirt, and debris can make windshield repairs difficult. In case you have a cut or fracture in the windshield. Wash the glass more often until you can get the damaged area repaired. Select an anti-static cleaning cloth when washing the windshield to stay away from added damage to your windshield. Moreover, when you notice a crack or chip, get in touch with the windshield replacement Tulsa right away. Get Coweta mobile windshield replacement today.
  • Windshield wipers are often considered culprits in windshield damage. Carry out maintenance regularly on the windshield wipers and get them checked. For damage by the experts from auto glass repair Tulsa. In case the windshield wipers do not have the rubber edge. They can result in profound scratches to the exterior of the windshield that is hard to repair.

Coweta Mobile Windshield Replacement

If the windshield of your car has incurred damage as a result of outdoor parking. Thus it is time to call the reliable Auto glass repair Tulsa OK for repairs. Auto glass Tulsa is just around the corner when you need them. In case you cannot come to them, their Mobile power window repair experts can come straight to you. To schedule your service appointment or estimate. Give their team at auto glass Tulsa a call or you can reach out to them via their website. Get Coweta mobile windshield replacement today.