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Get Coweta mobile window repair today. Road rage is a frequent phenomenon, and that we’ve heard disturbing news regarding drivers with road rage injuring other drivers, and perhaps even their cars. The windshield of the vehicle is often the first target in many of these accidents.

So, what defines road rage? The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles describes road rage as “offensive or violent conduct arising from a driver’s uncontrollable anger at the action of another driver.” Similar interpretations are likely being used in other states. The DMV gives explanations such as colliding with another car, pushing another vehicle off the road, pulling over and participating in a physical altercation with another driver, urging a passenger to attack the other driver, and using a knife to harm another driver or vehicle.

The following are some cases of road rage that culminated in shattered windshields and some simply unusual cases of broken windshields induced by uncommon circumstances and resulting in windshield repair in Tulsa. And in each of those cases, an innocent driver ends up with a windshield replacement Tulsa because of the angry driver! Get Coweta mobile window repair today.

The Glass Smashed to Smithereens

People have suffered significant damage as a result of road rage, but one man reportedly “smashed a vehicle windshield to bits.” A 26-year-old man was driving a Jeep even though it was rear-ended, as per a local article. The driver was so enraged that he not only insulted him but also smashed his car window into several small pieces, and he had to go for auto glass repair Tulsa. The entire event was recorded on camera by a bystander.

Broken Windshields and Baseball Bats

A new study detailed a case in which an individual smashed a window with a baseball bat due to road rage. The case started with one car tailgating another, according to the study. As the tailgater’s driver made a lewd motion at the other vehicle, the people of the tailgating vehicle started throwing objects at the car. When they came to a halt at a red light, a passenger jumped out and broke all her rear windshield as well as the side window, with only a baseball bat! Get Coweta mobile window repair today.

The Grocery Store’s Broken Windshields

As per a local news report, a woman was leaving a grocery store in OK (Oklahoma) when a guy came from nowhere, hopped on the top of her Hyundai Sonata, and started kicking the windshield repeatedly until it broke. The offender was certainly not expecting the woman to have a dash camera capturing the whole event, though! Get Coweta mobile window repair today.

Windshields and Buses

A man was aboard a bus when a passenger started fighting. Thus about a bus transfer and took out a knife, as per a report. When the guy intervened, worrying about a woman and her two children across the aisle, he became a savior. He pulled the guy with the knife into the front of the vehicle. And the driver pounded on the brakes, throwing the thug through the windshield.

Broken Windshields and Bullets

According to a news article, a Tulsa deputy was fired through the windshield during a pursuit with a gunman. When the officer attempted to make a traffic arrest, the truck in question sped away; the officer was chased and fired by someone in the truck. He was “hit by glass fragments” of auto glass Tulsa! Get Coweta mobile window repair today.

The Ins and Outs of Rage on the Road

Many that indulge in road rage can risk felony offenses, citations, and even prison time. The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) gives some tips for preventing road rage. As well as calming those who may be causing you road rage. The DMV advises listening to relaxing songs in the car. And mentally training yourself to share the path to prevent road rage. According to the DMV, whether you’re concerned about being a target of road rage. Or need to diffuse a situation, politely wave to the other driver, tell you’re sorry, so the other driver could see it.

Did It Happen to You?

And since large cracks may develop after major collisions, particularly in head-on collisions, tiny cracks are normal after minor collisions. A shattered windshield may indicate that the frame has bent, causing excessive pressure on the windshield after an accident. Get Coweta mobile window repair today.

And if this has occurred to you, but you are facing financial troubles, there is a way out as well. If your windshield is broken or shattered by a rock. Extensive coverage on your car insurance policy can help pay for fixes or replacements. Another form of compensation, known as complete glass coverage. Could be required to help offset the expense of restoring or fixing a windshield as well!

Stop the Crack on the Windshield from Spreading!

Driving with a minor crack in the windshield is not unsafe. The broken glass should be fixed or replaced as quickly as possible for two main reasons: Windshields that have been broken provide minimal protection & visibility is diminished by broken windshields. So, don’t waste a minute and first try to solve it on your own to prevent bigger loss! Get Coweta mobile window repair today.

Filling the gap with cyanoacrylate glue, widely marketed as Superglue. This is a cheap and reliable way to avoid a windshield crack from expanding. Thus without making a hole through the glass. This quick repair can prevent the crack from expanding for at minimum a week. Until you can drive your car to Glassworks Auto Glass for a much more comprehensive fix! Get Coweta mobile window repair today.

Be Cautious

It is possible to be prosecuted for driving with a broken windshield. This may be regarded as dangerously driving a vehicle. A damaged windshield will distort a driver’s vision. Thus resulting in a fixed penalty of 3 points on their driving license and a charge if they are caught! Get Coweta mobile window repair today.

In a Nutshell

If you’ve been in a situation involving shattered windows, you’ll most definitely have a windshield replacement.

Several reputable auto glass companies can help you replace the windshield. If you are finding a company to replace your windshield at the best cost, go to Glassworks Auto Glass today! They have affiliate outlets in OK (Oklahoma) and other suburbs, including Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby. Also, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta. We are ready to repair your glass when it falls, whether it was triggered. By a human striking your car or something else. Get Coweta mobile window repair today.