Car Power Window Repair 

We need immediate car power window repair as these are necessary for protecting us from traffic noise and harsh weather. We need to keep it up-to-date to avoid weather and noise problems. If you feel the car power window is not moving smoothly or someone observes damage on the glass, repair or replace it. Car power windows have different parts performing different jobs, so it is necessary to look at each part keenly before repairing it. 

How to repair your car’s power window? Material and process, a complete guide

All windshields are not of the same type depending upon the material and manufacturing, similarly the power windows. If we talk about car power windows, these have different parts that can vary in old and new models of the cars. 

So, before adopting the car power window repair process, you should look for its design. It will help you collect the right tools, choose the best repair method and save you time. The car power window indicates these are electrically moveable window glass of the car. So, the defect may be mechanical or electrical. So, before you start the car power window repair process, you should look for the defect. 

For choosing the right material or tools for car power window repair, you need to detect the type of fault. You can choose the right method and tools by detecting whether it is a mechanical fault or electrical. 

Detect mechanical fault

If the car window power’s glass is not moving accurately up and down, it can be a mechanical fault. When the glass is trying to move up or down, it gives some sound. It is a strong indication that it is observing mechanical problems. To fix this mechanical fault by car power window repair, you must go through the following steps. 

First, choose the relevant tools.

For doing any process of either repairing or replacing the car window power, you need some special tools. The tools you choose must be relevant enough to open the car door panel, remove the glass, or do whatever you need. So, in the case of the mechanical car power window repair process, you need the following tools.

  • Butyl rubber tape
  • Door panel screws
  • Trim wedge
  • Safety glasses for your eyes
  • Silicon spray 
  • Multimeter gloves
  • Glass cleaner etc.

By using these tools, you can work properly. You can take assistance from the tutorial videos or read some supportive material from websites. 

Now, open and remove the door panel by using door panel screws.

So, you have a collection of all tools to start your work, just like having all ingredients for cooking food. Now, you need to remove the door panel by using the door panel screws. For this purpose, you will safely place the security screws at the base or trim to remove the door panel. It is not obvious that all car models have the same door panel. 

The door panel of your car may be different from the tutorial video you are watching. So, choose the method accordingly by verifying the type of door panel of your car. Otherwise, it can damage the car’s door panel or some of its sensitive parts. Using the screws wisely, remove the door panel of your car, and place it in a safe place to check where the fault is. 

Cut the vapor barrier. 

Every car has a vapor barrier to avoid it from sinking into the door panel or glass of the window. To verify the actual reason, you should remove the window glass vapor barrier out held between the window glasses. As this vapor barrier is fixed inside the glass, you need something to remove it safely. For this purpose, you choose the butyl rubber tape. 

Inspect window guides or cables 

Another expected mechanical fault or damage can be in window guides or cables. So, do not forget to inspect them by checking whether they are fine or have cuts. What you need to do is observe the window guides by looking keenly at the by turning on the window power motor.

 If you find a broken, missed, or misaligned window guide, along with a sound of a power motor trying to move the window glass, it indicates malfunctioning of the regulator. Now, you need to buy a new regulator and fix this mechanical problem either at home or by contacting a professional. 

Remove the motor 

By going through vapor barriers and window guides, you find everything fits in the door panel; you need to inspect the motor. If all cables or window guides are in their place and in fine condition, it means the window motor has some problems. To verify the actual problem, take out the motor from the elevator.

Lubricate the mechanical parts. You should also try the lubricants to avoid friction in different parts of the car’s door panel.Now, put the door panel back. When you have done with mechanical diagnosis, you need to put the door panel back in its place from where you removed it. 

Detect electrical faults

If you do not find any mechanical fault or have fixed it, you should look for the next step, which is detecting the electrical fault. If you press the power button, the window doors do not move at all, which means you do not hear any sound, which is an electrical fault. 


You do not need to buy new tools for mechanical diagnosis as previous tools are enough for it. Uninstall the door panel, Like the mechanical diagnosis, you need to safely remove the door panel.

Check the power motor and its wiring.

When going through this car power window repair, you should check the wiring or power motor first. Check if they are aligned, fit, and unbroken or not. If they are in good condition, you must work with a powerful motor. You need to buy a new motor and replace it with the older one. 


You need to diagnose the fault when your electric window glasses are not moving smoothly or are stuck in the door panel. During car power window repair, look whether the fault I mechanical or electrical before going to direct treatment. Tools for both processes are the same, so be relaxed at tools and choose them as shared in this article.