Road trips mean spending quality time with your family, friends and loved ones. Road trips create a positive ambiance and happy memories that you and your loved ones will cherish throughout your lives. I am sure you don’t wanna ruin your beautiful road trips because of an unhealthy car glass replacement.

An unhealthy windshield isn’t capable of withstanding the terrains that you might have to face during the road trips especially when the road trips are long. So if you are planning for a road trip then do not forget to check your windshield before hitting the roads.

In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about your windshield before hitting the road.

Why is the windshield so important?

Before we delve into the actual topic let us try to understand the importance of a windshield. We have attempted to list down some of the top advantages of windshield or auto glass here:

Visibility: when the windshield is clear the driver faces no issues on the road. But, if the auto glass has even the tiniest chips or cracks, it might compromise the visibility of the driver which can prove to be very fatal.

Support to the vehicle: A windshield does more than just provide a clear view to the driver. It gives structural support to the car or any other vehicle. The support is very crucial, especially during accidents. In case you notice any chip or crack in the auto glass you immediately take the necessary steps to avoid risks. Never go on long road trips when your windshield is chipped or cracked.

Prevents airbag malfunctioning: Many people are not aware of this but auto glass is responsible for the accurate disposal of the airbag during mishaps. When the windshield is unhealthy, if the windshield is damaged it might result in the airbag malfunctioning. Therefore to avoid such dangerous incidents you must make sure that your windshield is in good health before you go out on a road trip.

Some tips to take care of your windshield during road trips

Now we are going to share some lifesaving windshield maintenance tips. These tips will make your trip tension free so that you can only focus on spending time with your loved ones:

  • Always check the windshield before hitting the road

Never go on road trips without checking the windshield. Inspect the rear and the front auto glass properly. Make sure that there is no cracks or chips on the windshield. Don’t forget to check under the wipers, people often miss that part. When wipers become old they scratch the glass. If you find any hint of damage make sure that you take the necessary measures before beginning your journey.

Do not even think of going on the road with an unhealthy windshield. Checking windshields become extremely important in case you are going on a long trip.

  • Always keep the glass clean

Cleaning the auto glass regularly is very important. Dirt and debris might not be q major threat to your auto glass however they will scratch or even chip the auto glass. Therefore always clean the windshield regularly. Because of cleaning the windshield regularly, you will also be able to inspect it, this way if you find any scratch or chip you can easily repair it during the beginning stages.

  • Never park your car in the open

Never park your car in an open area. Always find a shade like a garage. This becomes more important in case the weather conditions are extreme. Glass expands and contracts according to the weather condition. If the auto glass is damaged or weak then it is highly probable that the windshield might end up cracking or even shattering. Parking the car in a garage or any shady area will protect the windshield from direct sun rays. Besides, parking your car in the shade will keep it clean and tidy.

  • Keep distance from the vehicle ahead

Driving is not as easy as it appears, especially on highways where you will find speedy vehicles on one hand and heavy trucks on the other. You should always try to keep a reasonable distance from the car or any other vehicle ahead of you. Flyovers and Highways always have small stones and debris flying which can get stuck in the space between the tyres. When vehicles move at a great speed this debris and stones can easily hit and damage vehicles behind them. Hence to avoid such a dangerous situation it is recommended to maintain some distance from the vehicle ahead of yours.

  • Never use harsh cleaners

Never adopt the practice of using harsh chemical cleaners on your car glass replacement. Cleaners are often packed with harsh chemicals like ammonia which will discolour the auto glass, therefore, compromising the visibility. If you want to use a cleaner then use the one that is made for cleaning windshields only. Use only a soft microfibre cloth to clean the glass gently. Don’t put too much pressure on the windshield. If you don’t want to use any cleaner that is also completely fine. You can clean the auto glass with water and a microfibre cloth as well.

What to do in case of a windshield emergency on a road trip?

In case your windshields cracks or chip during the road trip you should follow the given steps. The very first thing you should do is to inspect the damage. In case the damage is not major for example if there is a small crack or chip you can temporarily work things out by placing a clear tape.

This will avoid dust particles from setting in the damaged spot. Now look for a windshield expert and get the car glass replacement.


To conclude it is important to note that a windshield is a very crucial part of the vehicle. Always remember that repairing the auto glass during the initial stages of damage will cost you way too little than repairing or replacing the windshield when things go out of hand.