A crack or even a minor crack on the Bixby windshield replacement of the car can affect or impact the driving experience. Besides being unattractive, windshield cracks can be safety hazards and are dangerous. Not all is lost, as minor chips & dings can be repaired. Cracks which are not able to get repaired, windshield replacement is an option. Before you think of getting your windshield replaced or repaired, here are some things you need to know. Read this article properly to know of all the things windshield related.

Kinds of windshield damages
Chip Pit

If a foreign object cuts the windshield and leaves the top glass layer damaged, a chip pit generates. It looks like a pothole on the windscreen and does not impact the driver’s line of eyesight severely. Unless the impact of the object can penetrate the second layer of the glass, then this kind of windshield damage can affect the glass.

Bull’s-Eye Chip

It is similar to the chip pit. A bull’s eye chip forms when an object like a rock can affect the Bixby windshield replacement, leaving a circle chip with a point in the middle.

Half-Moon Chip

With the same fundamental features of the bull’s eye chip, the half-moon has a semi-circular shape.

Combination Break

As the name clearly states, this kind of windshield damage consists of both a chip and a crack, and The chip is similar to the bull’s eye chip with the crack stretching an arm a few inches from the chip. Since it might not be possible or advisable to repair windshield crack, a combination break often needs a windshield replacement.

Why should a chipped windshield be fixed instantly?

A chipped windshield requires immediate attention for many reasons.

Damage Worsens

If the car’s windshield already consists of a chip, the chances of it damaging get extremely high every time you drive. Something as normal as uneven land or a sudden break can cause a small chip to form a crack. Similarly, playing music inside your car loudly can also stretch the diameter of a simple chip. Temperature fluctuations, hailstorms, and more impacts can also damage it and also act as a safety hazard.

Compromised Visibility

For each car driver, visibility is a crucial factor. Any method of compromise with the driver’s visibility can also act in serious accidents. If a chip or crack is left unattended, it will affect the ability to drive carefully and also be a safety hazard.

Compromised Safety

A Bixby windshield replacement is responsible for the functional integrity of the car. In case of an accident, the windshield prevents the passengers from being flung out of the vehicle. The working of all the airbags is mostly dependent on the car’s windshield. A cracked windshield is not able to perform these functions. If you do not get the windshield repaired or replaced as soon as you can, you will most probably put your life in intense danger.

Decreased Market Value of the Car

If you ever decide to sell the car, a cracked windshield will hurdle in searching for customers. No one would like to buy a car with a defective windshield will only spend a large amount on repairing it. Even if you do find a willing buyer, you would have to agree to a much lower price than what you could have actually received originally. It is always a good idea to get the windshield chip taken care of, and if need be, the windshield is replaced to keep the value of the car intact.

Conditions for Windshield Repair

Most of the Bixby windshield replacement develop cracks that can be fixed with less effort. However, some kinds of damages guarantee windshield replacement instead of repairing it. To be reparable, the damage needs to meet the criteria-


Windshield chips can be taken care of provided they are small and are at the most two. Moreover, their diameter should not go more than an inch. If these criteria are not met, then the only solution would be windshield replacement.


Any windshield chip which comes directly in the line of the driver’s vision cannot be fixed since windshield repairs may leave the damaged area a little unclear. Restoring this break can also cause discomfort to the driver.


Chips that get beneath the outer layer of the Bixby windshield replacement cannot be fixed as they usually damage the middle polyvinyl layer. Chips on the inner side of the glass cannot be resolved.

If windshield professionals think that the damage is reparable, they clean the windscreen of any debris. Later, a vacuum pump can be used to get rid of the chip of air. The resin repairs it under ultraviolet light for a while. A fixed windshield contains 90-95% of its real functionality.

The Basics of Windshield Replacement

If the vehicle’s windshield develops a complete irreparable chip, professionals will suggest a windshield replacement. It needs less than an hour if it is done in a workshop. Expert windscreen replacement technicians follow these necessary steps.

  • The windshield needs to be covered tightly to avoid it from falling out of the broken glass pieces.
  • All adhesives should be in place near the windshield perimeter and taken out using the appropriate tools and chemicals. If there are specific parts in the frame where the windshield is welded to the vehicle, the welding is removed or taken out.
  • A second technician is hired who pushes the windshield from inside, and then the damaged windscreen is removed. Professionals generally use the vacuum holder to take the windshield off of the car.

Sometimes, newly installed windshields do not get repaired sufficiently because of the driver’s failure to observe safety drive. Also, if you are using ammonia-based cleaners on the Bixby windshield replacement a short while after it gets installed, you will risk it not getting the adhesive adequately repaired.

We hope you liked this blog to know how a windshield replacement is done. How you can go about it and follow all the steps correctly and what you should do a repair or a windshield replacement itself. This article’s aim was to make you aware.