Get Bixby mobile windshield replacement today. When talking about windshield replacement, the most confusing thing is which one to choose-an OEM or an aftermarket auto glass? The preference can be a hard one, particularly because not many people know the disparity between these two glass types. Since most of the windshield repair service will offer both options, so it is best to know which option is right for you prior to heading to get your replacement.

OEM Auto Glass

OEM Windshields provide the advantage of being the same as the windshield that was installed when your vehicle was made. Furthermore, OEM windshields are made by similar companies that produced your original windshield and will go with the unique windshields thickness, color, shape, and fit. This means that it will fit perfectly and make sure that other options linked to the windshield work flawlessly. Besides this, OEM windshields have identical logos to the original windshield. Costs for OEM glass can operate forty to sixty percent more than similar aftermarket windshields. Few insurance companies will not pay for OEM glass because of the higher cost while other insurance companies will only pay for OEM glass if the car is not over one to two years old.

Original Equipment Equivalent Windshields are glasses made by very similar organizations that make OEM however the symbol on the windshield is that of the glassmaker, not the carmaker. These windshields are made to similar standards as the OEM glass and frequently in the same factories but do not carry the best price tag. Get Bixby mobile windshield replacement today.

Aftermarket Windshields

Aftermarket Windshields on the other hand are made by glass companies that do not have OEM associations with the automakers. They make copies of the original windshields devoid of consultation from the vehicle manufacturers or original windshield’s. Thanks to copyright laws, the manufacturers of aftermarket windshields are not permitted to make a copy of the original windshield that was in your car. While the shape and fit will apparently be the same, the new windshield may differ in thickness, toughness or UV protection and tint color. In a few cases, options attached to the windshield might not function appropriately. Usually, aftermarket windshields are the least costly options available.

Why choose OEM windshields?

Most customers are frequently enticed to aftermarket windshield as an inexpensive, fast-turnaround option. Generally, aftermarket auto glasses take less cost and half an hour less time to install and approximately $100 less than OEM glass. However, the fact is that it really matters if it is aftermarket or from the original factory. Get Bixby mobile windshield replacement today.

Tiny variations can indicate the difference between death and life. Windshields are integral to the structural integrity of the vehicle and your best partner in a driving catastrophe. In the case of a vehicle overturn, windshields help to keep the vehicle roof from further damage.

Due to this, windshields that pop out or loosen totally are symptoms of poor materials or workmanship and turn out to be a responsibility to the driver and the shop that set up the windshield component. Get Bixby mobile windshield replacement today.

Aftermarket auto glasses tend to negotiate security in the below-mentioned ways:

  • Improper fit that does not curve when mounted.
  • Leaner stuff than OEM Glass
  • Untried for safety
  • Not AGRSS Certified
  • Be short of Quality Assurance
To save time and turn a fast buck, shops that put in aftermarket glass tend to cut corners by doing the following:
  • Not offering enough time for adhesives to harden and cure
  • Using poor sealants and adhesives
  • Not budgeting for your safe drive off time

Be wary of shops providing rush jobs at reduced prices. Windshield replacements by reliable windshield replacement Tulsa usually take between 45 minutes to nearly an hour and can be quite expensive. Get Bixby mobile windshield replacement today.Anything less is reducing the safety of you and your inhabitants.

Also, windshield replacement shops must be careful enough to budget time in for your safe drive-away. This is the additional hour or so required for all adhesives and sealants to treat and solidify appropriately before the car is drivable securely. Get Bixby mobile windshield replacement today. Drive-away time is vital in conserving the efficiency of primers, adhesives and sealants used in windshield replacement job. This time will add an added hour to your wait.

Benefits of using OEM windshield for your car

  • Avoid Post-Installation Problems

OEM windshields have reduced residual stress which minimizes the chances of cracks to a great extent. Get Bixby mobile windshield replacement today. OEM windshields also have top-quality audios. Noise caused by traffic and wind does not get within the car easily. So, post-installation problems can be prevented by using OEM windshield from windshield repair Tulsa.

  • Meet Equivalent Safety Standards

You should not negotiate on the windshield quality as it is an important donor to the car’s security. OEM auto glasses are made the same to the windshields installed in your brand new car. Due to this, they can offer equivalent safety standards. OEM auto glass from auto glass Tulsa also has the correct thickness and built to match the tolerance of the original windshield. Since the quality of OEM auto glass is equal to the genuine auto glass, the integrity of your windshield post-replacement is not in danger. Get Bixby mobile windshield replacement today.

  • No Compromise on Functionality

OEM windshields are made to exactly match the features of genuine windshields. They are same in shape, size, and thickness to offer the same functionalities. If you make a windshield replacement from auto glass repair Tulsa using OEM auto glass, there will be no structural negotiations. OEM windshields will carry out just as well as the windshields that came with your vehicle.

In addition, an OEM windshield replacement can tolerate the pressure and stress like a genuine windshield can. In regards to an untoward incident, an OEM windshield will therefore be capable to maintain the power of the crash better. This capability of OEM auto glass improves its reliability as well. Get Bixby mobile windshield replacement today.

Bixby Mobile Windshield Replacement

Look for a dependable and reliable auto glass repair in Tulsa. Get your car’s windshield glass fixed as fast as possible. With a professional mobile car window replacement. Discount mobile glass Tulsa OK by your side, you can be sure that they will check the glass thoroughly. And would suggest the essential course of action. Get Bixby mobile windshield replacement today.