Get BA auto glass today. Many parts of your vehicle are vulnerable at times. This is quite usual, as when your vehicle runs on the road, it is bound to get some damage. If you have been driving for a long time you probably know that feeling after a rock hits your windshield. When you get down to inspect the damage there is one thought that inevitably pops up in your head- will it need windshield repair Tulsa or windshield replacement Tulsa. The answer is not a straightforward one.

In this post, you will get to know about various types of windshield damage and when it is time to replace it.

Kinds of windshield damage

While there are not some primary causes that may result in the damage of a windshield, there are certain things that the drivers should be aware of. It is important to understand that the windshield can damage due to numerous reasons however, all the damages are not similar. Damage caused by a tiny rock is very different from something like a collision. Remember that the extent and type of damage also determine the way you should handle it and if it needs repair or replacement. Get BA auto glass today.

Your vehicle’s windshield or auto glass Tulsa is also known as safety glass because it is not a single glass piece as you might think. There are generally two pieces that have a laminated plastic layer in the middle. The prime purpose of the windshield is to ensure the safety of the driver and co-passengers on the road. Its unique design prevents the windshield from shattering into pieces during a collision or damage.

Here are some common kinds of windshield damage:

  •     Chips

It would not be wrong to define a chip as a tiny blemish that is caused when something breaks off a part of a layer of glass. If the chip is small in size windshield repair Tulsa is possible.

But in case the chip penetrates deep into the inner layer of the glass then repair is not an option. While a minor chip is not a threat in itself but you can view it as a seed for larger cracks.

  •     Cracks

A crack is very different from a chip. In case of a crack, you will notice a line from where a piece of the glass fully separates. In simple words, we can say that crack is the higher degree of damage that has occurred on the car windshield. Although cracks can start small it does not take much time for them to grow. Remember that even a small crack can grow rapidly if the windshield is exposed to the sun frequently or if you are driving through the frigid air or if there is a sudden temperature change. Besides, small dust particles can also settle in the crack which will gradually make it worse. Get BA auto glass today.

There are many kinds of windshield cracks that can occur during driving. Some of the cracks include star crack, bullseye crack, dartboard crack and so on.

When should I repair my windshield?

It is not a hidden fact that windshield repair is cheaper than a windshield replacement. But it is also important to remember that the windshield repair. Depends on several factors like the kind of blemish, quantity, and size of the damage.

As a general rule if a crack is smaller than the size of a dollar bill and. Chances are that auto glass repair in Tulsa is possible. Once you figure out that the repair is possible you should not delay it. Get BA auto glass today. Delaying the repair will only add to your expenses. Because with time the crack will worsen and thus, repairing will not be an option.

When does windshield replacement become necessary?

In several situations, repairing is not an option and windshield replacement Tulsa becomes an absolute necessity. For instance, if your windshield has a large crack (more than 6 inches). Or if the crack is very deep, in such situations, it is best to replace the windshield.

However, in some cases, even a small chip or crack cannot be fixed and replacement is the only option left. As a rule of thumb if there are three or more cracks on the auto glass Tulsa experts suggest replacing the entire windshield. Get BA auto glass today. This is done because after the windshield is damaged several times it is no longer capable of handling any further damage.

In another case, if the damage is on the driver’s side and it is impeding the vision of the driver, experts suggest going for windshield replacement Tulsa OK. Similarly, if the damage is near the edge of the auto glass, it weakens the structural integrity making replacement a necessity.

In some cases, the inner layer of the auto glass discolors due to the use of harsh chemicals such as ammonia for cleaning. Discoloration comprises the visibility therefore it is again recommended to replace the entire windshield.

Should I wait to replace or repair my windshield?

It does not matter how small the damage is, you should immediately address it. Most people are not aware of the fact that the windshield is imperative for the integrity of the vehicle and the safety of the passengers. A weak or damaged auto glass is not as strong as the new one therefore it will not be able to provide structural integrity to the vehicle during accidents.

Therefore if you notice any problem with your auto glass you should immediately go to the windshield expert who will analyze the damage and suggest a proper remedy.

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Always remember the sooner you repair lesser the cost and maximum safety. By delaying windshield repair or replacement you are only risking the life of your loved ones. Always go to a reputed shop in Tulsa, Ok (Oklahoma) or surrounding suburbs Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta. Here you get the best service of windshield repair Tulsa and windshield replacement Tulsa. So, get your windshield fixed at the earliest. Get BA auto glass today.