Get BA auto glass repair today. When you drive a vehicle, there will be some wear and tear that you can’t avoid. Windshield chips and cracks occur commonly and insurance companies usually cover their damage. But, there is something that not many people do not know about the windshields. There is a more abstruse kind of damage that is similar to chips and cracks but it differs from usual cracks in many ways. Have you ever heard of the sandblasted windshield? It is one of the biggest threats to personal as well as commercial vehicles. Sandblasted windshields leave minor holes in the auto glass. The reason behind sandblasted windshield is minor dirt and dust particles that hit the auto glass continuously.

Here is a detailed guide about the sandblasted windshield where we will discuss everything about the sandblasted windshield and how do they occur in detail. The goal is to impart knowledge about this type of windshield. Get BA auto glass repair today.

Sandblasted windshields- what are they?

You must have noticed tiny particles of sand or dirt floating all over the windshield. These particles are quite small and they will not break the auto glass, however, if they are left untreated and unnoticed they might cause tiny pits that will appear on the windshield’s surface.

In its initial stage, these tiny pits are unnoticeable however they become more prominent as time passes. If it becomes quite visible it might necessitate auto glass repair Tulsa. Get BA auto glass repair today.

What causes sandblasted windshields?

Well, there are nearly endless reasons that may cause sandblasting on the windshield. However, there are certain reasons that can result in a direct sandblasting impact on the windshield. For example, if you drive close to the vehicle in front of you then the possibility of your car getting a sandblasted windshield increases. The extent of damage depends largely on the distance you are maintaining while driving.

In case you tailgate others frequently then your auto glass is at more risk because the sand would be projected on your car frequently. This is why it is always recommended by the experts that maintain a decent distance while driving on the road and when you are driving on the highways, the distance should be safe enough to avoid damage. Keep at least a one-meter distance from the vehicle in front. Doing so will reduce the particles which come in contact with your auto glass.

Rural Areas

Another important factor that can cause sandblasted windshield is the area where you frequently drive. For instance, in case you are someone who is involved in construction or farming work or if you travel frequently to the rural areas, then your auto glass will be at a greater risk of getting sandblasted. This is because construction sites, farming sites and rural areas have more dust and dirt particles therefore, more particles will settle on the windshield. Because of the presence of a larger size of particles, the windshield can even crack or shatter in some cases. All of these factors lead to the sandblasted windshield which might even necessitate windshield replacement Tulsa in some cases.

Finally, another cause of sandblasted windshield can be excessive sun exposure. Yes, that is right… even sun exposure can also result in sandblasting and cause huge damage to the windshield. We are all aware that glass expands in heat therefore small dust particles could cause a major threat to the windshield. Get BA auto glass repair today.

Why are sandblasted windshields dangerous?

What can a tiny hole in your auto glass do? Well, some people do think that sandblasted windshield does not pose any threat; however, it is not true. Take your car out and see the glass in the glaring sun and then you will be able to notice the difference. The pits on the windshield become more prominent during the day which can block the vision of the driver. If these pits are left unnoticed they can turn into cracks. Therefore it is recommended by the experts to immediately go for windshield repair Tulsa.

How to prevent sandblasted windshields?

Reducing the activities that lead to the sandblasted windshield can prevent them. For example, maintaining a decent distance from the vehicle ahead of you will prevent sandblasted windshields to a great extent. Maintaining a proper distance will prevent the dirt particles from coming in contact with your auto glass Tulsa.

Besides, if you want to prevent sandblasted windshield avoid traveling through dusty areas such as construction sites or rural areas.

Natural disasters such as windstorms and hurricanes can also cause sandblasted windshield therefore make sure that you always park your car in the shade or garage.

Why is windshield repair important?

Pits or tiny holes become more prominent in the daytime which affects the aesthetics of your car. Besides, it can also impede the vision of the driver thereby risking the lives of people inside the car.

Moreover, a sandblasted windshield has a similar effect as a regular chip or crack on the surface of the windshield. With time tiny pits will widen due to several external factors such as additional pressure, exposure to sun or sudden temperature change cause the windshield to even shatter in extreme cases. All this poses a great threat to the car as well as people inside the car. Therefore you should not ignore even tiny pits and go to windshields experts for a quick and effective repair.

BA Auto Glass Repair

Now that you got to know about sandblasted Tulsa windshields, you should not take sandblasted windshield lightly. Once you spot them get them repaired before it is too late. Ignoring even a tiny pit or crack means risking the life of your loved ones. Therefore listen to the experts and get your windshield repaired. So, if you see such an issue in your auto glass Tulsa, take your vehicle to a reputed windshield repair Tulsa shop. There are many such shops in Tulsa, Ok (Oklahoma), or surrounding suburbs Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta. So, don’t risk your life, let the technicians take care of your auto glass Tulsa.