Have you recently noticed a crack or chip in your windshield? Well, there is no doubt that you need windshield repair in Tulsa if that happens. Or, in some cases, you might have to go for windshield replacement in Tulsa as well. But, do you know what caused these chips or cracks? Several things could have happened. Do you know what they are? Not sure? Don’t worry; keep on reading, and you will get to know some of them.

Let’s check out some of the most common reasons behind a crack or chip in your windshield!

1. Change in temperature

We have talked about the change in pressure; similarly, an abrupt temperature change can cause your windshield to chip or crack. There is a reason or science behind it because glass tends to contract and expand with cold and hot weather. 

How to avoid it?

 Well, you need to avoid extreme temperature changes. For instance, if it is a hot sunny day, try avoiding washing your vehicle with pretty cold water. It would help if you waited until the glass has cooled down in a garage or shade. One should avoid running your AC at full flare directly on the windshield. 

2. Change in pressure!

Sometimes a sudden change in pressure on your windshield can cause it to chip or crack. Now the question is – why this change in pressure occurs. Well, this can happen due to a plethora of reasons. It may happen due to a quick altitude change. Another reason can be the sudden stopping of your vehicle while you are going at a brisk pace. There can be many other reasons that may be the reason behind pressure change, such as pressing an object on the glass. 

How to avoid it? 

First, you need to keep some distance from other vehicles, so you don’t have to stop suddenly. If your auto glass Tulsa is already a bit weak, then even a medium pressure, such as an ice scraper, can damage it. You don’t want to go for windshield repair in Tulsa because you pressed a bit too hard when scraping off the snow. Do you?   

3. Auto Accident

This reason is quite apparent. It is one of the most common reasons for windshield crack. If your vehicle is involved in an auto accident, there are high chances of your windshield getting cracked or shattered in a few cases. And guess what! It doesn’t have to be a head-on collision either; the accident’s motion from many different angles can damage the windshield.

How to avoid it? 

It would help if you were pretty careful while driving, especially never trying to drive with a small chip on the windshield. Well, we are not going through all the traffic rules that you need to follow, as you may already know them. But, we still want to say that even a minor chip in the windshield can be a reason for a significant accident. 

4. Poor Glass Quality and Installation

If you have previously had an Auto glass replacement Tulsa OK done, and unfortunately, the windshield was not of high quality, it could crack pretty easily. It is always advised to install a quality windshield; otherwise, it can break just, due to its poor condition, with even the slightest strain. 

How to avoid it? 

Always choose the most reputed technicians in Tulsa, OK (Oklahoma), and suburbs of Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, Coweta for Windshield replacement Tulsa OK if want quality glass as well as quality work. If you go to any Tom, Dick, and Harry, you may get cheated. Even if they are genuine, you never know if they can do the quality installation. That is why you should always check the credentials of the windshield repair/ replacement technicians.  


5. Driving Through Gravel

When you drive in gravel, you put your windshield in danger. There are high chances that your wheels may kick up gravel, which would eventually land on your windshield and damage it.

How to avoid it? 

Well, this is not rocket science. Just don’t drive in the gravel. And, if there is no other choice, then go slow so that grave should not jump on the windshield. 

6. Hail

It is also one of the most common reasons behind windshields chips and cracks, especially when the pieces of hail that are falling are quite significant. 

How to avoid it? 

Well, hails may come down anytime without any apparent signs. So, you need to drive your vehicle under a shed pretty quickly if that happens. Always try to park your car under a shed; otherwise, you will be left with no other choice than auto glass repair in Tulsa

7. Kicked up pebbles and Rocks

Pebbles and rocks can make their way onto the street. And if the vehicle in front of you, especially large buses, trucks, or other large vehicles, drives over it, you may see a rock jumping on your windshield and a loud bang. 

How to avoid it?  

Give distance to trucks, large buses, and other large vehicles. Their larger tire size and heavyweight make it easier for them to spit up rocks and pebbles on your windshield, and that is stronger than expected. Also, sometimes they have debris that may spill from their load.

Nobody wants to get a chip in their windshield. It can take away a lot of precious time, money, and energy. So, therefore you need to very careful and keep the points mentioned above in mind. However, if the dog has already barked and your windshield is damaged, you should not waste time before getting it repaired. If you don’t get it fixed, you can end up with a chip or crack. It can pretty quickly run the length of the windshield and obstruct your view.