No one likes to drive with a cracked windshield. You may be in need of auto glass Tulsa. A windshield is a crucial part of a car, and it is vital to keep that part in the best condition possible. Any damage on the windshield not only looks bad but also can hinder the visibility of the driver. If left unchecked for a long time, any minor damage on the windshield can expand into significant damage.

The damage on the windshield can be anywhere from a chip to a crack, which you should immediately look upon by the experts of auto glass Tulsa so that you get your windshield repair in Tulsa in no time. If you ignore the damage for some time, it can expand, and the only option left for you is to have a windshield replacement Tulsa, which will cost you a pretty hefty amount.

Different types of damage are visible on a windshield. The type of damage depends on the size and shape of the damage like a chip, star break, bull’s-eye, and many more. The damage can happen due to many things like a stone or a pebble hitting the windshield on the road, some debris falling from an under-construction building, heavy hail storms, or many other things.

The vital thing to do when this kind of situation arises is getting your windshield checked by professionals at the auto glass Tulsa shop because only they can tell you about the severity of the damage and whether the windshield can get fixed by windshield repair or a complete windshield replacement in case of major damage.

The following information will help you realize the importance of a windshield and tell you what you should stop the windshield crack from spreading.

Importance of a Windshield

A cracked windshield is not only a problem on the looks of the car, but it is also bad for the strength of the windshield. The windshield is responsible for providing about 40% of the roof’s structural integrity, which is very important. They also protect you from any external problem like stones, pebbles, rain, dust, etc. 

The windshields are responsible for the safety of the passengers inside the vehicle. They make sure that the roof doesn’t collapse in case of a rollover accident and protects the driver from bursting out of the car if a high impact collision. Windshields shatter in small round pieces as they break to prevent further injury.

A cracked windshield cannot perform all these functions because the crack compromises the glass’s integrity, making it fragile. This is why a broken windshield should get checked by a professional from the best auto glass Tulsa shop before the crack can expand, and a complete Tulsa windshield replacement is required.

Analyze the Damage

The first thing to do is to analyze the damage to determine the condition of the windshield. The severity of the damage will determine if you can fix the problem yourself with a windshield repair kit or if you will have to take it to a professional auto glass Tulsa OK shop. 

You can determine the severity of the damage by assessing the size and depth of the crack. If the size is too big or the damage has penetrated deep, then the only option is to get a mobile car window replacement.

How to Stop the Spreading of the Crack?

Make sure to protect the crack from any exterior material like water, dirt, or debris so that nothing can enter the crack. Apply tape on the crack to protect it from spreading any further. Avoid getting your car washed as cracks cannot withstand the water pressure. 

You can apply the following steps to stop the crack from spreading until you can visit some experts to fix your problem:

Apply Tape on the Crack

You can apply tape on the crack to stop any dust or water from going inside the crack. This will prevent the crack from spreading any further for some time, but you should go to an auto glass Tulsa OK shop as soon as possible so that you can get your car window repair in Tulsa.

Apply Super Glue

Apply super glue to hold the glass together temporarily if the auto glass Tulsa crack is small. This avoids purchasing repair kits and apply this instead as a temporary solution. You can do this to buy some time so that you can take your car for repairs at your convenience.

 Use Nail Polish

You can also use nail polish to fix the crack problem temporarily. It would help if you first cleaned the crack and then apply the nail polish on the crack. This can hold the glass together until you can hire experts to look upon it.

You can hire the best experts from our auto glass Tulsa shop for the best services in the field. We, at GlassworksAutoglass, provide our services to the customers according to their convenience. For your comfort, we also offer mobile car window repair and mobile car window replacement so that you can get your windshield problem fixed wherever you want.