Need auto glass Tulsa? There are different types of windshield damages which a car owner might face in their everyday life. Every other kind of damage is dealt with differently, depending upon the severity and the auto glass Tulsa shop you choose. The most common types of windshield damage are in detail below:

  • Chipped Glass

It is essential to get damaged windshields looked upon by experts to know the severity of the damage. Only the experts will tell whether the damage can be fixed with windshield repair Tulsa or a complete windshield replacement Tulsa is required. The extent of damage depends on three major things: size, location, and severity. 

The damage’s size should not exceed 40 mm in diameter to be fixable by a simple windshield repair Tulsa. Location is critical as only the chips which are not in the driver’s line of sight can be repaired. After all, after the repairs, the area gets a little uneven, which hampers the driver’s sight. Last is the severity of the damage. The damage should not extend any further than the windshield’s outer layer. If the inner layer is also penetrated, it cannot be fixed by any auto glass Tulsa OK repair shop. If any of the above problems occur from the chipped windshield, no expert can fix it through car window repair Tulsa OK, and the only option left is windshield replacement Tulsa. You should hire professionals from the best auto glass repair Tulsa shop to help you access the situation and deal with the problem conveniently and efficiently.

  • Cracked Glass

Cracked glass can occur due to unattended chipped glass, an accident, or an exterior object hitting the car’s windshield. The danger from a cracked windshield is too great because of its compromised integrity. The crack will hinder your line of sight and is more likely to shatter in an accident. This is why it is essential to get your Tulsa windshield replacement from the best auto glass Tulsa shop. 

  • Scratched Glass

To avoid scratches, you should change your wiper blades from time to time because the blades get worn out or torn apart after some time and can cause scratches. You can avoid scratches for the most part if you follow this recommendation, but if you still find some scratches on your car’s windshield, you should get it checked by some professionals for some expert advice. They can fix your problem with ease and quickly.

These are the types of damages which you will likely face from time to time. You should go to the professionals if you face any problem with your windshield because it is not a matter to be taken indifferently. 

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