Do you need auto glass repair in Tulsa? Winters are beautiful; it is lovely to see everything covered in white snow. However, this season can get annoying sometimes. How many times have you been late to your office just because your windshield was covered in snow? Innumerable times right? You have come on the perfect page because we will tell you some pro tips to remove ice and snow from your windshield.  

When you remove snow or ice from your auto glass Tulsa, you have to be very careful because a tiny mistake can damage your windshield entirely. The low temperature puts pressure on the windscreen. Thus, it can easily damage. One way to avoid such mishaps is to use the right tools and equipment and be very careful. If you are using faulty equipment and tools or rushing into your work, you will increase the probability of damaging your auto glass. You can plan the cleaning session and take a decent amount of time to get a job done comfortably. 

How can you prevent your windshield from getting covered in snow? 

Prevention is always better than cure. If there is snow on your auto glass for a long time, your windshield might damage the point that there is no other option available except for Windshield replacement in auto glass Tulsa, OK. Thus, try not to pile up snow on your auto glass so that you can reach your office on time daily. Follow these tips to prevent snow from piling on your windshield :

  • Park your car under some shade, car parking, or garage. 
  • Use a heavy car cover or a tarp to cover your car if you don’t have a garage or car parking facility in your area. 

How to safely remove snow and ice?

Are you fed up with scratching your auto glass every time you scrape the snow off? Do not worry, and this would not happen the next time you clean. Here are some pro tips that will make sure that you remove snow or ice from your windshield carefully and safely :

  • Before you start your car, make sure that snow hasn’t covered the tailpipe. This will prevent adequate airflow to the engine. Moreover, it will ensure that carbon monoxide does not build up inside the car. 
  • Know that your windshield has been covered in snow all night. It would be freezing and frigid. If you allow it to build up the heat quickly, you might end up cracking or shattering the auto glass. In such a case, you will have to go for a Windshield Replacement in Auto Glass Tulsa. Therefore when you switch on your defroster, make sure it is at the lowest setting. This will ensure that your windshield heats up evenly and slowly, thereby preventing any damage to your windshield. 
  • To remove the ice or snow from the outside of your vehicle, make sure to use ice scrapers only. Ice scrapers are designed especially for removing snow from automobiles. Using an ice scraper will reduce the chances of scratching the auto glass. You can easily scrape off the ice if you switch on the defroster for about 10 to 15 minutes. 
  • Always use a soft brush to clean the windshield. Sweep from right to left to clean the auto glass. If you use a rigid brush, it will scratch the surface of the windshield. In that case, you will have to go for auto glass Tulsa. 
  • If you find and cracks on the auto glass, use a soft brush to clean it. When the size of the damage is large,  go to an expert to get the windshield repaired. 


Things to avoid while you are cleaning your auto glass of snow

You might have seen or read on the internet that you can use hot water along with salt while scraping off the snow. Do not even attempt to do that. Using hot water on the windshield will immediately damage it. Your windshield will either crack or shatter. This happens due to a temperature change. The windscreen was cold through the night, and when you poured hot water onto it, you would do nothing but shatter it into pieces. 

Moreover, try to avoid every DIY that you generally see on the Internet; such quick DIYs typically do not work. 

Auto Glass Tulsa

These tips will save you valuable time and will also ensure that your windshield is safe. Never compromise with the quality and type of tools and equipment you use to remove the snow. Inadequate quality tools and equipment will lead to scratches on the windshield, and I am sure you do not want that to happen. Follow all these tips when you head to clean your windshield next time, and you will surely not be disappointed. And, even there, if your windshield gets damaged in any case, you can take it to a reputed auto glass Tulsa, OK (Oklahoma) & surrounding suburbs of Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta.  There you will get the best windshield replacement Tulsa and windshield repair Tulsa work done.