Do you need auto glass Tulsa? Are you a cautious driver? Well, irrespective of how cautious you may be, accidents have to be accepted as a part of life. It may be your neighbor’s kids playing ball, a piece of flying debris, or simply a heavy hail storm. In case of such incidents, the part that is most likely to get damaged is your windshield. 

The windshield is much more than a decorative piece of glass. It gives structural integrity to the car and saves you from the direct impact of an accident. Driving around with a windshield in need of immediate windshield repair in Tulsa can be a major threat to both the driver and the other co-passengers seated in the car.

If you have been delaying getting your windshield repaired, you must consider your decision once again. Below is a list of vital reasons that clearly indicate why delaying the repair of your windshield can be both a dangerous and expensive decision:

Increased Chances of Injury

Your windshield is much sturdier than any other Auto glass Tulsa used in different parts of the vehicle. As such, it can handle the maximum impact before you feel it in case of an accident. But when there is already a crack or if it is ill-fitted with the frame of your vehicle, its strength gets reduced to a great extent. 

There are heavy chances that it may totally detach itself from the vehicle and break inwards or outwards. In such cases, both the driver and the other co-passengers can get heavily injured or get severe cuts in the body.

Caving In Of the Roof

Almost half of the support of the vehicle’s roof is derived from the Tulsa windshields. If your vehicle collides with an object or another vehicle, the windshield provides great support to the roof so that it does not cave in. A caved-in roof can exert great pressure on the driver and co-passengers inside the vehicle, especially those seated at the front, and increase the chances of incurring multiple bone fractures.

Obstructed Vision

If you reside in an extremely dusty area or with years of use, small chips of glass wear off from the windshield. Since the whole unit of auto glass Tulsa OK is composed of several layers of glasses put together, even these tiny chipped off areas can make a big difference in visibility. 

This is because of the prism effect that magnifies the damage caused by chipping and blurs the vision. Such cars that need auto glass repair in Tulsa are in much greater danger of collision, risking the lives of all those who are out in the street.

Attracting Fines

Did you know that driving on the road with a cracked windshield can also get you penalized? The road safety department has taken note that more than often, cars that need a windshield replacement in Tulsa are likely to get involved in major accidents. 

To prevent such cases, strict rules have been formulated. So if the cops feel that your windshield is damaged enough to get you distracted while driving, you may get pulled over and issued a ticket. It will mention a specific time frame within which you will be expected to get the damage fixed, failing which you may be penalized.

The Damage Worsens With Time

A little bit of attention to the windshield today can save you from a lot of harassment tomorrow. What starts as a small chip can often deteriorate into a huge crack. If sufficient attention is not given to it at the right time. An already damaged windshield that needs auto glass repair in Tulsa, OK, is much likelier to get further damaged with use. Such windshields are likely to get wrecked easily if you drive through a storm or at high speed.

Damage Can Worsen With Changing Seasons

Seasons are an important factor in determining the health of your windshield. Your windshield is ten times more likely to get damaged during the winter than during the summer season. This is because if it snows too heavily, the already damaged glass would have to take more pressure. Thus there are chances that the crack may expand. 

Similarly, during summers, the auto glass Tulsa’s exposure to direct sunlight can expand its materials. This may lead to the widening of the cracks and rupturing of the glass totally.

GlassWorks Auto Glass Tulsa

When you delay your windshield replacement in Tulsa, OK, you must also consider the monetary angle involved in it. Since damages worsen with time. Delaying the work only means that you will have to pay a much heftier amount at one go. Remember, an ill-maintained car fetches a much lower price during resale.

Well, convinced that your windshield requires immediate repair? Don’t delay it even by a single day. Reach us at Glass Works Auto Glass. Our experts will be there at the designated place and time within the shortest notice.