Do you need auto glass Sand Springs? No matter which car you own your primary concern is always to keep your vehicle in good condition. People are very particular about every corner of their car, and they should be, after all, it is one of their most expensive assets. It does not happen that someone takes their car for granted and considers it merely as a mode of transport.

There are many parts in a car that needs replacement or repair, and a windshield is one of them. Auto glass Tulsa should always be in fantastic condition. The reason for this is that it affects the looks as well as the performance of your Car. Since windshields are such an essential part of your car you should burst a few common myths that you must have heard or read somewhere. Get auto glass sand springs today.

We are about to clear the fog of myths in this post.

Windshield installation will take your full day

We all know that windshield installation is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, what we don’t know is the fact that windshield installation will not ruin your whole day. Yes, you read that, right! Windshield installation requires a balanced combination of precision and skill. If you rely on your local dealer who is not an expert might take longer than an expert. Someone inexperienced or unskilled will never place windshield in one go; the person will apply, remove and reapply. Hence, your whole day will be ruined. Get auto glass sand springs today.

To save your valuable time we recommend you to go to an expert only. Experts will place the windshield at once, hence saving your time. Windshield installation barely takes 40 – 60 minutes. But, you should wait for at least an hour before driving the car back to your home. This will ensure that your windshield has adequately set.

You do not have to care for your new windshield

Believing in this myth might land you in serious trouble. Squash this baseless myth now! People generally forget that they have a new windshield installed in their car recently. Keep in mind that the first three to four days after windshield replacement Tulsa OK is very crucial. This is the time when your windshield needs utmost care. After placing your windshield with the help of an adhesive, make sure that it has dried and set correctly. Because if your adhesive is not set correctly driving will become a risky affair.

You should also be very careful during the initial 3-4 days, and prevent your windshield from coming in contact with water. This might weaken the auto glass and cause immense damage in the near future.

Do not remove the retention tapes in haste. We know driving a car with tapes on it is not very cool but, these not-so-cool tapes keep your windshield in place. Get auto glass sand springs today.

Another thing to remember is not to put useless stress to the windshield, you might end up damaging or misplacing it. Also, drive smoothly and slowly on bumpy and uneven roads.

Do not go for a Windshield replacement if the windshield has cracks or chips

It is another widespread myth that you should not go for Windshield replacement Tulsa in case the auto glass has chips or cracks. Let me clear this right away that this is the most absurd thing to say. If the size of the chip or crack is less than that of a coin, then there are chances of repair. Get auto glass sand springs today.

However, if the size of the chip or crack is more than that of a coin or if there are multiple cracks and chips, the safest and wisest thing to do would be to replace the windshield. Cracks and even chips will weaken your auto glass which might result in unwanted and unexpected accidents. Thus, it would be wise if you get a new windshield installed and not pay any heed to this misleading myth.

Insurance does not cover the cost of windshield repair and replacement

Debunk this myth right now! Auto glass repair Tulsa and replacement are like repairing any other component of your car. Follow the procedure naturally, and if you still have doubts, just talk to your insurance company. Now because insurance policy can vary from one company to another, they may or may not cover the windshield repair or replacement cost. You can talk to the windshield installation company and your insurance company to know if your insurance policy is eligible for this kind of claim or not. Get auto glass sand springs today.

Auto Glass Sand Springs

There are many people who don’t have the proper knowledge of windshield, but still come with their opinion that they spread around as a myth.  But, you don’t have to fall for such myths at all. I am sure that you are convinced by now that these myths were nothing but hollow claims based on falsehood. If you have or you will hear any other confusing myth, the first thing you should do is to talk to an expert.

Instead of believing in them, believe in the expert. Listening to an expert will always prove fruitful.  When it comes to experts, you are pretty lucky as there are a few windshield replacement Tulsa and auto glass repair Tulsa OK shops in Tulsa, OK (Oklahoma) & surrounding suburbs of Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta.  Auto glass repair Tulsa shops here have the best technicians who have the best knowledge of windshield repair Tulsa, windshield replacement Tulsa and more. Get auto glass sand springs today.