Get auto glass replacement Claremore today. You must be familiar with the windshield of your car; right?  Well, a windshield acts as a guard for the car and protects it from any mishaps. The most crucial role played by a windshield is that it provides a clear vision to the driver. It also protects the vehicle and people inside the car from rain and harsh wind. Also, it is vital for the structural integrity of the car.

In case you have a damaged windshield and wish to go for a windshield replacement in Tulsa OK, then you should consider investing in the services of a good windshield installation company. There are quite a few auto glass repair Tulsa shops out there in Tulsa, OK (Oklahoma) & surrounding suburbs of Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta. One common question that pops up in the minds of people is that does a newly installed windshield requires any special care? Read till the end to know about the complete post windshield installation maintenance guide. Get auto glass replacement Claremore today.

How to care for a newly installed windshield?

You have invested in a good quality windshield and a top windshield installation company. Now, your car is looking brand new because of the new auto glass Tulsa. This makes you excited to drive the car back home. But wait! Read this article completely before moving your car even an inch. Get auto glass replacement Claremore today.

Do not remove the tape

Few windshield installation companies use tape in the process of windshield installation. I know, a car with tapes is not quite aesthetically pleasing and your mind might even beg you to rip that tape right away. Do not do that.

Do not touch the tape for at least one day. This will make sure that debris or dust does not stick on the adhesive. These foreign particles will weaken the connection between windshield and glass. I am sure you do not want to do that, especially after investing your valuable money. So, be patient and wait for the next 24 hours.

Do not drive immediately

After seeing your car with a new windshield, you might want to drive it immediately back to your home. Do not do so. Urethane is generally used as an adhesive to fix a new windshield to the car. However, Urethane takes some time to dry or cure. The drying duration depends on various factors such as quality, temperature and humidity. This drying or curing time can be as high as 24 hours. Get auto glass replacement Claremore today.

You should avoid driving for at least one hour after installation. This will make sure that the adhesive has cured correctly and that there are no gaps between the frame and the glass.

Do not close the windows

The science behind this fact is that if you reside in a hot region, pressure can build up inside the car due to heat. If the windows of your vehicle remain closed for a long duration, this pressure will increase, which could result in the popping out of the windshield. Always leave a gap of at least half inch before parking your car in case your vehicle has recently undergone windshield installation. Get auto glass replacement Claremore today.

Do not rush to car spas

Car spas use water with high pressure to clean the car. If the adhesive that was used during windshield installation has not dried, high pressure will displace your windshield. Car spas also use some kind of soap or other cleaning material which could be abrasive to sealants adhesives like urethane. Do not rush to car spas for leads one day following the windshield installation. In case you cannot wait to see your car all cleaned, then clean it yourself. But make sure to spray the water very gently and use mild detergents or soaps.

Do not rush while driving

Do not rush while you drive, especially when your car has undergone a windshield replacement Tulsa recently. Avoid taking your car to places with uneven roads, this will make sure that your windshield does not move or shake too much. Avoid slamming the car door very hard and don’t bang the roof of the car too hard. Such sudden actions will create pressure which might misplace your windshield, or your windshield could also come out. And a misplaced windshield is equal to no windshield at all. Get auto glass replacement Claremore today.

Ways to know that your windshield has been installed perfectly

Even after following every post windshield installation tip, the possibility of the imperfectly installed windshield will still be there. It is very dangerous to drive in a car with an imperfectly placed windshield. Here are some ways by which you can know that the windshield is not proper installed :

  • When you can see gaps in between the frame and the windshield glass
  • When you experience strange rattling noise or whooshing sound while driving your car
  • When you notice discrepancies or irregular patterns on the windshield

If you notice any or all of these signs, then immediately go to the windshield service provider and ask them to check the windshield properly. Get auto glass replacement Claremore today.

Auto Glass Replacement Claremore

These were some useful tips that you should keep in mind after getting your auto glass repair Tulsa to your car or any other vehicle. If you follow these tips, you will successfully increase the life of your windshield; and hence, save some bucks that you may have to spend on windshield replacement Tulsa and auto glass repair Tulsa OK.