Do you need auto glass repair in Tulsa or surrounding areas? Car windshields are specifically designed to give structural support to your vehicle, and at the same time, stand up to the pressure while driving on highways. But damage occurs inevitably. Actually, Tulsa windshields have two layers of glass that sandwich the inner layer of auto safety glass. Also known as lamination, this inner glass layer holds together the outer layers when broken in an accident. That is why your windshield only cracks when struck by an object but does not cave in and fall apart upon the driver. 

Generally, most cracks and chips can be repaired, but certain factors can determine if your damaged windshield needs replacement. These factors are:

Depth and Size of the Damage

If the crack is longer than 3 inches and if the chip is more than 1 inch in diameter, it will be hard for an auto glass repair Tulsa to repair it, and they will eventually suggest a replacement.

Type of Damage

There are different types of damages, including star breaks, bulls-eye, half-moon, crack chip, ding, pit, etc. While some are easier to repair than others, some are not. Multiple cracks are also difficult to repair than a single crack. 

Location of the Damage

Even a perfect repair often leaves behind some unevenness, mistiness, and discoloration. A crack near the edge of the windshield may also start cracking and covering the entire windshield area. Therefore, if your damage is located in any of these areas, it is better to go for auto glass repair in Tulsa.

Other damages that cannot be repaired usually include:

  • When the damage is located on the inner side of the windshield
  • The damage is deep, covering both the glass layers
  • The damage is disturbing the inner radio antenna, rain sensor, camera, etc
  • There are multiple complex cracks
  • Dust or water has seeped into the cracks
If The Damage Is Blocking Your View

As far as your windshield is concerned, there is no such thing as a ‘minor’ chip, crack, or discoloration. While driving, you have to make decisions within split seconds. If you cannot see ahead clearly, it may lead to a serious road accident, especially during adverse weather conditions when the view is already compromised. 

If Winter Is Just Around The Corner

Winters are rough not only for humans but for your car as well. From salt and hail to temperature fluctuations and pressures from heavy snow, winters can spell havoc on your windshield. If your windshield already has cracks, chips, or pits, then do not hesitate to call an auto glass repair Tulsa OK immediately. A damaged windshield cannot withstand temperature fluctuations, and any minor breaks and fissures may widen and destroy your entire windshield.

If Your Windshield Is Pitting

The pitting surface is mostly visible at dawn and dusk when pits scatter the reflected lights and make it harder for you to focus on the road. Water also does not shed quickly from your windshield due to the windshield, which can be extremely hazardous for your visibility during the drive. You might need auto glass repair in Tulsa. 

If There Is White Haze Near The Edges

Windshields are treated with PVB that does not allow the glass to break into sharp pieces when broken. If you can see a white haze around the windshield edges, the PVB has probably started separating from the glass. If this glass breaks, it will make sharp glass pieces that will come flying inside your car during an accident. Such damage cannot be repaired, and you will need an auto glass repair in Tulsa, OK.

If A Part Of Your Windshield Is Missing

This is obvious, but many car owners still try to avoid replacement by quickly fixing it with the help of a tape or clear tarp. Such kind of fix cannot keep weather elements and rocks out of your cabin, and it also compromises your vehicle’s structural integrity. If you do not replace such a windshield soon, its frame will start sagging, and if you go for a replacement after that, the windshield repair Tulsa expert will face alignment issues in it.

Auto Glass Repair Tulsa

These are some of the instances during which it becomes pretty obvious that windshield replacement is the only option left for you. But all cases are not the same, and sometimes even a small crack or chip may be hard to repair, and it may require installing a new windshield.

Generally, if there are multiple cracks, even small, anywhere on the windshield, you will probably need to get it replaced. After taking damage to a certain extent, the windshield starts losing its capacity to withstand more impacts. You will also need auto glass repair in Tulsa if the crack is more than 14 inches long. 

If the damage is located on the driver’s side, it is preferable to replace your windshield rather than repair it. Damage located near or on the edge of the windshield also needs replacement because it weakens the vehicle’s structural integrity and poses you at high risk. So, assess your windshield’s condition, get informed, discuss with experts, and decide whether you can do away with a repair or you need to go for an auto glass repair in Tulsa, OK.