Do you need auto glass repair Catoosa? From tropical in the south and central to temperate and alpine in the north, America is home to several climate zones. Each climatic area experiences a wide range of seasons every year. If you make changes to suit each season by adjusting your clothing style or installing heating and cooling systems, do not neglect your vehicle.

As a temperature-sensitive part, the car’s windshield is greatly influenced by increases in temperature or humidity. To learn how various indigenous seasons impact your windshield and what you can do to take care of it, read on!


Will the warm weather cause your windshield to crack? Although heat does not explicitly affect the windshield, certain forms of auto glass damage may play a significant role in the summer season. The consequences of summer weather can include:

Hot-cold problems:

Temperature variations can cause windshield damage worse. The hot-cold cycle allows the glass to expand and to compress. This will cause a broken piece of auto glass to shatter. Get auto glass repair Catoosa today!


High temperatures or unexpected variations can create pressure on your windshield. This will affect a smaller crack and allow it to spread.

Spreading chip:

Not only can high temperatures cause cracks to expand, but this summer-time problem can also cause a tiny chip to spread rapidly. Get auto glass repair Catoosa today!

The detrimental effects of heat on the window make it necessary to immediately patch the crack (or cover the glass completely). Failure to arrange a windshield repair Tulsa from experts of an auto glass Tulsa shop as quickly as possible might place you in a risky position on the lane.

Tips to Follow 

In summers, do not instantly switch on the air conditioner to a shallow temperature as you reach your vehicle. Lower the fan’s speed or the temperature of the AC of your car progressively to avoid unexpected fluctuations.

Never leave your car underneath the sun. Parking in a shaded area, or even under a canopy, can keep the windshield from heating up too severely. Get auto glass repair Catoosa today!

If there is less damage to your window, try not to slam your car door when you approach or leave it. Sudden pressure changes will exacerbate cracks and enlarge windshield cracks.


Almost all parts of America undergo either late summer or rainy seasons. The moisture content of the environment does not cause any harm to the windows in vehicles. But constant rains and thunderstorms decrease visibility and force you to use your windshield wipers regularly, creating scratches on the windows. Get auto glass repair Catoosa today!

Tips to Follow

Monsoon can lead to bumpy or flooded streets in some regions of the world. Avoid them the best you can to keep the pre-existing cracks in the windshield from getting worse.

As the rains’ vision is already declining, aim to keep the windshield’s interiors as straightforward as possible. Using a glass cleaner or specialist service to scrub the windows in the vehicle daily. Get auto glass repair Catoosa today!

Where possible, stop driving through torrential rains or hailstorms. Not only can this keep your windshield protected from hail-induced chips, but it is also a decent measure of protection.


Winter is one of the worst windshield seasons in cars. The cold weather makes the glass very cold and allows it to contract quickly. This will create new chips and cracks and make old ones worse. Also, snow and hail storms can create impact-related damage. Accidents are also frequent in snow-covered areas, and car accidents almost always cause windshield destruction, which may require a windshield replacement Tulsa.

Tips to Follow

Beware of abrupt increases in temperature. 

When you go outside to warm up your car after a night of cold temperatures, be sure not to warm up your window too fast. If a frozen windshield is struck by hot air, it can shatter due to a significant change in temperature. This is much more possible if the glass has a tiny chip or break.

Switch on the car’s heating system, but do not guide the vents to the windshield. Instead, guide the hot air to the passengers or the floor so that the glass has a chance to warm up eventually. Often, never spill hot water on your car’s frozen glass — it can do significant harm. Get auto glass repair Catoosa today!

Use the authorized ice removal equipment. 

Don’t use a hammer or knife to clear the ice from the glass surfaces of your vehicle. Using just ice scrapers built for that purpose. Scrape horizontally around the bottle — never stab through the ice accumulation in a cutting motion; otherwise, you might chip the glass underneath, which will require a car window repair Tulsa OK or windshield replacement Tulsa.

Keep fluid tank washer loaded. 

Verify the windshield washer fluids daily during the winter months since you need it more during this season. Clean windshields are easier to see, and it is easier to detect any damage that needs to be fixed. Even make sure the wiper blades are designed to clear off snow and ice smoothly. Invest in a new pair of wipers planned for winter conditions until the seasons change.


Autumn does not give rise to high temperatures and is typically a welcome break from exaggerated summers. However, when trees dry up during this season, dropping branches can be disastrous for your windshield in a vehicle.

Tips to Follow for auto glass repair Catoosa

Drive cautiously to stay away from dropping trees, stones, or rocks. 

Fall is the best season to have the windshield fixed or replaced by a driver. Windshield cracks normally intensify during the winter. Getting them patched in the autumn would allow you to take advantage of assurances that come with a freshly replaced windshield in case of damage. The new windshield would also be more resilient to snow and moisture. Be sure to approach the professionals during the fall so that the windshield is repaired before the winter hits.

Developing a windshield crack or a chip for a long time can be risky, whatever the season. Glass Works Auto Glass provides quality work on your windshield in Tulsa, OK (Oklahoma). Our experts in the auto glass repair Tulsa shop offer the best help and advice to the customers. Get auto glass repair Catoosa today!