Need auto glass repair? A car windshield is not just a glass. It is one of the essential elements of the car that protects the driver and passengers. It plays a vital role in the overall strength of your car. But, it is prone to chips and cracks. It is thus, essential to know about windshield replacement and repair. You can hear stories and tales about windshields. A few of them are correct, and a few are not. This post will focus on the myths about windshields that you should ignore.

Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Myths You Can Ignore

  • Minor crack on the windshield is safe

There is a misconception that a small crack on the auto glass repair is safe and nothing to worry about. However, the fact is that when there is a small chip on the windshield, it gets weaker over time. If neglected, it can also result in a bigger issue later. Thus, if you see a crack or chip, do not ignore it. It is better to get it repaired by calling windshield replacement Tulsa as soon as you can.

  • Windshields cannot Break.

Windshields for present-day cars are made from laminated glass, also known as safety glass. There is a common misconception that safety glass is resistant to cracks and cannot be smashed. But that is not true. The windshield can be damaged by several things, such as extreme temperature fluctuation, debris, vandalism, etc. But unlike normal glass, safety glass that makes up your windshield breaks into tiny pieces, which are, in most cases, risk-free. Thus, even if your windshield smashes, you will probably not get hurt by the pieces, but you should call windshield repair Tulsa. However, a few windshield and auto glass types are unbreakable, but those are not used in conventional vehicles. Those windshields are designed to resist serious damage from bullets.

  • Auto Glass Repair is Time-Consuming

While it will definitely be a choice where you can take your car to an auto glass repair Tulsa shop to get the chipped or cracked auto glass repair, it is no longer your only option. Windshield repair companies offer Mobile car window replacement or repair service where they will come to your home or office directly and fix your problem. This will save you time and money with auto glass repair.

  • Windshield repair/replacement costs a lot.

A windshield replacement costs money, but it is not expensive. If you have a car insurance policy, you may not even have to pay the complete replacement cost to the service center. It is better to take your car to auto glass Tulsa professionals as that will help you save money. Moreover, you will be sure that the auto glass repair is done properly.

  • Auto glass repair shops will do whatever they can to cheat.

This can be true, but it is certainly not how everyone does business. Sincere, trustworthy companies are not going to cheat you as their reputation is on the line. Many Windshield replacement Tulsa OK companies offer competitive, fair pricing to win the business.

  • A damaged windshield means a new windshield.

Just like every damage on your car’s windshield is varied, the way you repair the damage can also be very diverse. Some cracks and chips can be repaired, and there is no need for a windshield replacement. For instance, if the damage is not too severe, it is outside the line of the driver’s vision, it is most likely that your auto glass repair Tulsa OK technician can repair the damage with resin injection.

  • Do it yourself with a repair kit.

Some cracks and chips can indeed be repaired at home or in your garage, with a repair kit that you can buy from a nearby store. But there are chances you can end up doing a poor job and cause further damage to the car’s windshield. It is better to leave it to the windshield replacement Tulsa professionals as they know all the trade tricks!

  • It takes heavy, big stones to break a windshield.

The reality is that even a small stone can do serious damage to a windshield, especially if you bump against it. There are several things to consider

  1. How fast you are traveling against it,
  2. How heavy the object is,
  3. Where it hits if it hits the driver’s side, and
  4. The shape of the object s a lighter metal rod that can do more damage than a brick.
  • Windshield repair is the best way to save money.

Not correct. If the Auto glass replacement Tulsa OK professionals who examined your windshield say it needs a replacement, it is best to follow their recommendation. Planning otherwise is not going to help you save money, but just add to your costs. Apart from paying for preliminary repairs and the predictable replacement, delaying may cause added damage to your vehicle, which you similarly have to pay for.

Select a Trusted Windshield Repair Expert in Oklahoma

The knowledge that you have can save you lots of time and money. Similarly, possessing the incorrect facts can complicate things, cost you money, and, at times, make you look unaware. Do not listen or pay attention to guesses or rumors; instead, call Auto glass Tulsa OK and get the latest, current, and correct information you need badly. More significantly, get the job done right, for the correct price, under a good service contract, and with the peace of mind that can only come from work done by a reputable Tulsa windshields repair shop.