The majority of vehicle owners do not pay any attention to their windshield. They have their views or even some myths about windshields. Most car owners don’t bother much about their windshields until they encounter some issues. And, with lots of drivers on the road these days, the chances of your car’s auto glass repair Tulsa getting damaged are relatively high. Once it happens, you need to have clarity on what to do and what not. A car’s windshield is an essential part of your car’s strength. Well, even though you do your best to take care of it, at times, the damage will occur. 

1. Windshields are unbreakable

Modern cars today have windshields created with laminated glass. This type of glass is also known as safety glass. Did any of your friends have told you the story that a safety glass can’t be shattered and is resistant to cracks? It’s just a myth. It is not true at all. A windshield is breakable and can be damaged by a lot of things. From debris to vandalism to extreme temperature fluctuation, anything can damage an auto glass.

Safety glass is indeed different from your average piece of auto glass repair. A safety glass makes your windshield breaks into tiny pieces, which are harmless in most cases. It means that if your windshield breaks, you and your passengers won’t get hurt by the glass pieces.

2. All chips and cracks are the same

Some people think that a chip is a chip; they are all the same. Well, all the chips are not the same. Chips can manifest in a variety of shapes depending on their cause, such as:

  • Star break
  • Combination break
  • Bull’s eye
  • Stress crack
  • Edge crack 

All these chips spread differently. How they will apply depends on various factors such as temperature fluctuations, vibrations of your car, etc. So, it is vital that when you see a chip or crack in your auto glass repair, ensure that you consult a windshield expert for the best repair options.

3. Damaged windshield means replacement

Just like every type of damage on your car’s auto glass repair is different. Similarly, the way one repairs that very damage can also be pretty other. A few cracks and chips are such that they can be improved, and you don’t have to go for windshield replacement in Tulsa. Supposedriver’s the damage minimal, for instance. In that case, less than half of an inch, driver’s and it’s not inside the driver’s line of vision, most probably your windshield repair Tulsa technician will be able to repair the damage using simple methods as with simple resin injection.

4. DIY repair kits can do the job

Do you know which the most common misconception about windshield repair is? The DIY method will be on the top of that list. A few cracks can be repaired at home with a repair kit, but you can never be sure if you have done an excellent job? Even after following all the instructions about windshields repair, you can end up doing a poor job. 

It’s not that DIY repair kits cannot repair some chips on your auto glass repair, but it is recommended to approach an auto glass repair technician in Tulsa. It is a specialist’s job and hence should be done by professionals. 

Leave it for the professional technicians to do. After all, these people are experienced, skilled, and use much higher quality repair kits than you. Why take risks using DIY methods when there are professionals to help?

5. Small cracks or chips can’t cause much trouble

 Not true at all! Though cracks and chips may look minor and harmless, they do not always stay like that. Smaller fragments can expand and become more significant over time. Well, even if these cracks are small, they can still weaken the structural integrity of your windshield. You might be worried about the cost of repair. But, can you put a price tag on your safety? 

6. It costs you an arm and a leg

The cost incurred on repairing a chipped or cracked auto glass should not put you off to have it repaired. There are a few car insurances that will even cover the cost of auto glass repair. So you will not be paying out of your pocket. It’s best to vigilantly read your insurance policy and purchase the one that will fit you the best.

7. Have to take your car to the repair shop

Are you worried that to get your windshield repaired (or replaced), you will have to drive far or call a tow truck? Don’t worry, that’s a myth! There are a few windshield repair shops that provide mobile windshield repair services. They can arrive at the home, office, or any given location in Tulsa, Ok (Oklahoma), and suburbs of Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, Coweta to do the repairs.

8. Every car mechanic is proficient in auto glass repair in Tulsa

Most people think that every car mechanic can repair windshields, but it is not valid. It requires specific skills and equipment to do this job. So, even if some mechanic tells you that they can do an auto glass repair, you should only go to a reputed technician who has a lot of experience doing it. 

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Did this article clear up common myths about windshield replacement? We hope so! And keep in mind that a damaged windshield is not only unsafe for you, but it is also dangerous for your passengers. But don’t worry. Contact the best windshield repair technicians in Tulsa, and they will help you!