Need auto glass repair Tulsa? If your car glass has been damaged and if you are confused about whether to get it repaired or replaced, then there are a few factors that you need to consider. One of the most important criteria is the impact of the damage on your visibility. Apart from that, the crack’s location, depth, and size also matter a lot while determining the best course of action for your damaged auto glass repair Tulsa

When it comes to fixing your car window or windshield, it becomes difficult to decide whether you can get away with a minor repair or you need to go for complete replacement. Here is a guide to help you decide the best solution for your broken auto glass.

Signs to Look for

The repair can be an option if it will not compromise you and your car’s safety in case of a collision or impact. Still, it would need replacement if the damage is coming in the driver’s line of sight and impairing their visibility.

  • Auto glass repair Tulsa can be an option if the crack is less than 12 inches long or if the bullseye or chip is less than 1 inch, but a crack longer than 14 inches or a chip or bullseye larger than 3 inches will call for a replacement.
  • If only the outer glass layer is damaged, then it can be fixed with a repair
  • The repair can be done if the damage is not close to the glass’s outer edge, but if it is near the edge or corner of the glass, then the auto glass Tulsa OK expert may decide to replace it.


Factors to Look for When Deciding Between a Repair or Replacement
Driver’s Visibility

Driving a car with a damaged windshield may reduce the driver’s ability to clearly see the road ahead and become a huge safety risk. Driving such a car is also illegal in some parts of the world. An expert auto glass team will not recommend a repair if the crack is coming in the driver’s line of sight and will often prefer a windshield replacement in Tulsa

Safety Risk

This is one of the most important factors to consider while deciding between auto glass repair and replacement. It is not too dangerous to drive with a damaged windshield for a small distance. The windshield provides structural integrity to your vehicle. A damaged windshield will fail to provide the needed protection in case of a collision. 

Size of Damage

Although the latest tools and methods are always coming up for auto glass repair in Tulsa, there are still limitations. According to experts, a crack that is less than 12 inches long and a chip less than 1 inch in diameter can be fixed.

Depth of Damage

Auto glasses installed on your car have two layers of glass. If only the outer layer is damaged, it can be repaired, but if the damage has gone past the inner layer, then fixing it can be dangerous, and the expert will often recommend auto glass replacement in Tulsa, OK

Position of the Damage

If the crack is positioned near the frame, then the technician will often recommend a replacement. This is because even a small fissure near the glass’s corner can spread quickly due to vibrations. Such cracks also pose a safety issue by reducing the structural integrity of the glass. 

Auto glass repair in Tulsa, OK, is also not an option if the damage interferes with the glass’s technological components, such as the camera, sensor, side mirrors, etc. The technician will prefer a replacement to ensure that the automatic brakes, driver assistance system and sensors work properly.

Pros and Cons of Repairing and Replacing the Glass

Repairing a crack in time can prevent it from spreading. It saves your cost, and it can be done in as little as 30 minutes. Properly repaired Tulsa windshields and windows can completely get their visibility and durability restored to like new. Also, note that most insurance companies also prefer repair over replacement. However, if repair is not an option, then a replacement can be a sure method of restoring the car’s integrity.