Get auto glass Jenks today! Your phone’s contact list should always include the number of a reliable company doing windshield replacement in Tulsa. This article will help you to understand the situations that make getting a car’s windshield replaced mandatory.

The most vital function of a car’s windshield is protecting the people inside the vehicle. Other than shielding the passengers and the driver from various environmental factors such as storms, debris, rain, and snow, a windshield also plays a crucial role in strengthening the vehicle’s structure.

When a car encounters a roll-over accident, its windshield protects it from being crushed. Additionally, the windshield also ensures that the thrust caused by the accident doesn’t end up throwing people out of the vehicle. So, any damage caused to this part of a car should be addressed immediately. Get auto glass Jenks today!

Depending on the degree of the damage, the technician hired by you will recommend windshield repair Tulsa or ask you to get the entire glass replaced. According to experts, you should get repair works done only if the chip or crack on the glass is tiny. Replacement should be the way to go for you even if there are multiple tiny cracks. Read on to know why you should not consider any other options besides windshield replacement.

Impaired Visibility

A windshield that’s filled with chips and cracks often obstructs the driver’s line of sight. On certain occasions, the line of sight of the driver can also get blocked by a minor ding. Irrespective of the size and shape of the crack, chip, or ding, you should get the damaged windscreen replaced if the flaws are obstructing your vision when driving.

Cracks in wrong places may result in the reflection of bright light into the driver’s eyes, which can leave him temporarily blind and lead to fatal accidents. So, instead of opting for auto glass repair in Tulsa OK you should opt for auto glass replacement. Get auto glass Jenks today!

It’s Impossible to Fix Extended Cracks

If you don’t repair a small chip or crack immediately and keep driving, you will soon see the crack/chip expand and turn the windscreen irreparable. Replacement turns out to be the only option even when a crack ends at or begins from the windshield’s edge.

If during the inspection, the technician finds that the crack/chip although small in size has damaged the PVB or Poly Vinyl Butyral layer of the glass, you should try to get the damaged glass repaired. That’s because repairing the cracks will not be able to restore your vehicle’s structural integrity. The only option you should consider under such circumstances is auto glass Tulsa OK replacement. Get auto glass Jenks today!

Flawed Windshield Installation 

If you are unlucky, you may find that the car you just purchased comes with a wrongly installed windshield. This happens mostly to individuals who have bought a used vehicle. Some car owners face such issues as a result of getting the windshield replaced by an inefficient service provider. Whatever might be the case, you should drive your vehicle with an incorrectly installed windshield.

This leads us to the question: how one will understand that the windshield has not been installed correctly. Look for signs such as irregular noises when driving, excessive precipitation, water entering through the windscreen, etc. Some other common indicators of flawed windshield installation include light distortion, inconsistent patterns appearing on the glass, and waviness. Get auto glass Jenks today!

If you experience any of the above issues, get in touch with a trustworthy company offering auto glass Tulsa repair and replacement services. They will send experienced technicians to remove the incorrectly installed glass and install a new one flawlessly.

Here, we would like to mention that you shouldn’t drive your car immediately after the installation of the windshield. You should wait for the adhesive to dry completely before you drive the vehicle. That’s because if you start driving before the adhesive is completely dry, the windshield might get displaced making the installation flawed.

Impact on Various Safety Features of Your Vehicle

Malfunctioning of airbags, the most crucial safety feature of any vehicle, is a common side effect of damaged Tulsa windshields. A car’s windshield plays a vital role in enabling the correct deployment of its airbags. As a result, a major chip or crack on the glass often prevents the proper functioning of the airbags.

You must know that airbags prevent severe injury during accidents (particularly during head-on collisions). However, a malfunctioning airbag might fail to do its job and lead to fatal consequences. This is one of the main reasons why you should get rid of a damaged windshield as quickly as possible. Get auto glass Jenks today!

Impact on the Car’s Resale Value

Do you want to ensure that you get a good amount if you decide to sell your car in the future? If yes, then you shouldn’t get the cracks and chips on the windshield repaired. That’s because even the finest technician will not be able to complete a repair job without leaving minor signs. Such signs will automatically reduce your vehicle’s resale value.

So, if you don’t want your vehicle to have a flawed appearance and a low resale value, opting for auto glass replacement in Tulsa OK should be the way to go for you. Get auto glass Jenks today!

Auto Glass Jenks

If you are still confused and wondering whether you should opt for windshield repair or replacement, contact Glass Works Auto Glass. The team of expert technicians representing the company will inspect your vehicle and come up with the best recommendations for you. They offer all kinds of auto glass services including mobile car window repair and replacement. Get auto glass Jenks today!