Want the best auto glass Bixby has? There are two alternatives possible to get a windshield replacement- an original equipment manufacturer or an aftermarket windshield. Now the distinction between the two may seem not so important. But they are vital in defining the quality; after all, safety is the vehicle owners’ primary concern. Speaking of which, does it value if the auto glass shield is not original. Well, there’s more to the shield glass that meets the eye.

The Best Auto Glass Bixby has

The windshield is an essential bit of safety moderation in any automobile. It does not only keep the wind out of your face but is part of the car’s safety mechanism, along with the seatbelts and airbags. The windshield alone contributes 60% strength to the car’s roof when used with excellent quality adhesive. When the quality of your car’s windshield is compromised, the structural integrity of your automobile is compromised as well.

Original windshields are also known as OEM, or original equipment manufacturer windshields, are identical to the shield, which was initially installed at the time of purchase. The actual equipment manufacturer windshield is manufactured in the same way as the original windshield; thickness, shape, size, and even durability are identical to the original shield. Here are a few reasons why you should always use the OEM windshield for your auto glass Bixby.

Meet Equivalent Safety Standards

The auto glass Tulsa company never compromises the quality of the windshield as it is a vital part of the vehicle’s safety. The OEM shields are manufactured identical to your original shield in your brand-new car. Because of this, it does not compromise on the safety standards.

The OEM auto glass windshield has an accurate thickness and builds to match the original shield’s same features. The functionality and safety of the car are not threatened in original windshields, unlike aftermarket shields.

Since the auto glass Bixby repair, Tulsa uses the OEM glass, which is equivalent to the original windshield’s quality and condition. The benefit of using the OEM auto glass is the integrity of your shield post- replacement is not at risk. The windshield repair Tulsa will fix the new auto glass that will be durable and reliable, offering superlative safety standards for your vehicle.

Avoid Post-Installation Woes with Auto Glass Bixby

People who go for aftermarket windshields suffer from a high-rate of malfunctioning post-installations. Given that most of the aftermarket is unable to match the identical quality, shape, and size of the shield, they offer poor functionality. Due to this, local aftermarket windshields undergo optical distortion, leakage, imprecise fits, and in some instances, cracks and chips. In contrast, the OEM shields have lower residual stress, which reduces the chances of chips and cracks.

Aftermarket auto elements stand made by an organization other than the genuine material producer or OEM organization on another production chain. Some individual components are of the related feature to OEM parts. Others are not. If you’re spending for your auto glass replacement out-of-pocket, aftermarket auto glass could be the cheaper option. However, they are usually low in quality and cannot sustain the stress and pressure during the collision. Aftermarket auto glass lacks good quality acoustics.

The experts at windshield replacement Tulsa can evade such post-installation problems and woes by using OEM auto glass. In contrast, other windshield repairs will waste more of your time and money, cause you exasperation. Call auto glass Bixby today.

No Compromise on Functionality

OEM shields are constructed to match the features of actual windshields precisely. They are proportional in dimension, shape, and thickness to offer identical functionalities. If you make a shield replacement using OEM auto glass, there will be no structural compromises.

The OEM shield will perform just as the same windshield which came with your vehicle. While in the local aftermarket shields, the lack of identity in shape and fit often endangers the automobile’s overall functionality. It can become a significant security concern for you. Get auto glass Bixby now.

Besides, an OEM shield replacement can bear the intensity of stress and load like the original windshield could. In the occurrence of a collision, an OEM windshield will thus sustain the power of the crash strongly. This ability of OEM auto glass moreover heightens its authenticity.

Maintain the Value of Your Car

OEM automobile glass may or may not be offered by the same company that fixed the genuine windshield in your vehicle. Either way, an OEM windshield is built with absolute accuracy to imitate the original shield.

Therefore, an OEM glass is indistinguishable not only in terms of fit but more of functionality. So if you use an OEM windshield as a replacement for your vehicle, you assist in maintaining your car’s interest. Since an OEM auto glass is created and engineered to the precise specs, the value of your automobile does not go down. In the case of aftermarket windshields, it is quite the reverse.

If you intend to sell your automobile in the future, it is perfect for replacing your broken and crushed windshield using an OEM auto glass entirely.

Key Takeaways for Auto Glass Bixby

OEM auto glass should be your first choice if you have a damaged or cracked windshield. You can dodge post-installation problems that occur with ill-fitted auto glass and amass all the benefits, as mentioned above, with an OEM windshield replacement. Moreover, an OEM shield will present you with optimum safety measures, a concern you can’t neglect in modern times.

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