Do you need ADAS recalibration Tulsa? Vehicles are becoming more and more sophisticated these days. Along with fancy and high-tech gadgets, some modern cars also use the latest technology to enhance car safety. One of the latest technologies that have made a huge buzz in the car industry is ADAS or Advanced Driving Assistance Systems.

ADAS alerts the driver in case there are any obstacles on the road. Besides, it also assists the driver in a difficult situation by controlling the vehicle.

After windshield replacement Tulsa, ADAS requires recalibration because the new glass possesses different characteristics compared to the old glass. Taking your vehicle to a professional in ADAS calibration can also prove to be a life-saving decision. If these cameras are not able to capture the right images, cameras can deteriorate the quality of the performance delivered

Even if you opt for a glass repair rather than a replacement, you will need recalibration because the glass will have slight differences.

In this post, we will discuss windscreen calibration and its importance. This will help you understand better the entire ADAS system and its importance to the vehicle owners.

Windscreen calibration

The windscreen calibration process ensures that the radar and the camera lens get the entire picture of the road by adjusting its parameters. It makes sure that the ADAS receives accurate and reliable details of the elements around the vehicle.

The camera lens is fixed in the middle of the windscreen or auto glass Tulsa, which captures essential details about the condition of the road. Then, ADAS activates the safety measures automatically to avoid any harm that might befall the driver or other people on the road.

Calibrate the camera to monitor the blind spots and calculate the proximity to objects around the vehicle.

Kinds of windscreen camera calibration 

In general, there are two kinds of camera calibration: static recalibration and dynamic recalibration.

  •    Static recalibration: In this, a calibration device is placed in front of the car or any vehicle. It generally takes around more than one hour to recalibrate. However, the time can differ depending on the car model.
  •    Dynamic recalibration: In this, you have to drive the vehicle at a certain speed. Like static recalibration, it also takes more than one hour to recalibrate, depending on the car model.

Reasons why windscreen calibration is crucial 

You might be wondering why it is so important to recalibrate your vehicle in the first place, or, more importantly, why is it that windshield replacement causes problems. The reason is that car windshields are quite high-tech. It is not just glass, as you might think. Although what you cannot notice is that there are ice reduction layers, built-in sensors, specially positioned areas of no tint and tint and much more.

In case the sensors change their position by a degree or millimetre, it can throw off the entire system, which is why recalibration is essential after the windshield replacement Tulsa.

More high-tech systems use cameras for various purposes, such as lane departure warning systems. These have specific areas of the windscreen that the lens can see through. Like other sensors, cameras are quite sensitive to change, and thus, they have to be recalibrated after windshield replacement. Thus, it is necessary to calibrate the windscreen after complete replacement.

ADAS Recalibration

  • Removed camera
  • A disconnected camera
  • In case of change of suspension and wheel because it can affect the functionality of ADAS.

Examples of ADAS Recalibration Tulsa

ADAS protects the driver from numerous potential dangers by creating a safety net. Some examples are forward-collision warning, automatic emergency brake, lane departure warning, pedestrian detection, lane changing assistance, collision avoidance and much more. It saves you from injuries as well as from the cost of auto glass repair Tulsa.

OEM Windshields & ADAS Recalibration Tulsa

If you recently got a windshield replacement Tulsa OK, you have to ensure that the ADAS is working perfectly. Suppose the newly installed windshield isn’t made by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of the car in some vehicles. It might not allow proper calibration.

This can seriously disturb the functionality of essential safety systems and leave you vulnerable.

How can you get the windshield recalibrated?

In case you want to recalibrate the ADAS system, make sure that you use the service from a well-trained technician as only a professional can accurately carry out the recalibration process. Make sure that the technician has attended formal and special ADAS recalibration training. They should also use the latest ADAS calibration tools and equipment.

ADAS Recalibration Tulsa

These days, almost all vehicles have modern safety systems; and nearly every car brand needs a recalibration after windshield replacement. Make sure that a professional and trained technician is recalibrating. This will help you to ensure that your car continues to keep you and your loved ones safe on the road. If you want an ADAS system for your car, go to a reputed windshield repair Tulsa shop in Tulsa, OK (Oklahoma) & surrounding suburbs Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Glenpool, and Coweta.